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Saturday, May 26, 2012

In which critiques are made

Alright, so I'm usually not one to sit here and spew pop culture knowledge since I'm more often than not behind the curve, but man, these two topics must be touched upon:

The Great Gatsby is coming out soon!
Oh my gosh, I'm so excited.
See here's the deal: I didn't even know about the making of it until I read it on someone else's blog, but now I'm creepily obsessed. The dude who is directing it is the same guy who did Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge, both of which I hated at first but now have permanently saved on my DVR and rewatch frequently. Anyway, most importantly, LEO is playing Gatsby. LEO is playing GATSBY. Oh, man. Thinking of Mr. Titanic in his dapper suits and being all introverted kind of makes me freak out a little bit. Just a little bit. Talk about GNO type of movie. Well, Chad loves that book, but something tells me he won't share in my enthusiasm when it comes to Leo's cigar smoking wealthiness. We shall see, though.

Robert Pattinson as a possible Finnick in Catching Fire.
Y'all, no.
I don't want this. Today I got one of those annoying email alerts from Fandango telling me to purchase MORE movie tickets {why do they tell me that everyday? How many movies are out there, anyway?}, but this one was different. In the subject line it read, "Robert Pattinson casted in Catching Fire?" My heart dropped immediately because the only role which I'm actively trying to research is the one of Finnick, who is supposed to be this sexy champion beast from a few Games ago. Anyway, in my head it's totally Zac Efron circa Hairspray because he's buff, athletic AND has bright BLUE EYES! Finnick has blue eyes in the book, and I don't think I can take another non-blatantly-blue-eyed actor being casted in a blue eyed part, even though I know Rob has blueys, they're just not potent enough {see: Peeta!}. I just don't want Edward's self-loathing air around Finnick! It must not be! Anyway, we shall see, we shall see.
{Edward: yes. Finnick: no.}

{Finnick: heck to the yes!}

So there I was as a crazed 14-year-old.
That will be it for awhile on this matter.

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  1. I will seriously burst into tears if they decide to put his as Finnick, Robert Pattinson just wouldn't play the part well with Annie! Really there is just so much wrong with it, we aren't going for pasty white here, Finnick is tan that is the swimming district, I know they can change that. But you see Robert and you see pasty white sparkly man. I just don't want Twilight interfering with my Hunger Games. Sorry I could totally go on and on about that. P.S. thanks for cluing me in on The Great Gatsby, I had no idea!


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