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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Us right now

Sheesh kapeesh...Can we say "hiatus?"
Man, oh man. It's been quite a wild ride around here as of late, and I'm even typing this as Chad is wrestling Carter into a late afternoon nap and Kota is stirring in her car seat, bound to wake up from the sounds of me typing. 
Anyway, here's the deal with us C's:

- We just left our precious, beautiful, fabulous, wonderful little penthouse {2nd floor, hey hey!} apartment in Irvine for bigger and better things: crashing at the in-laws until we find a little piece of real estate we can actually own. So yes, living with a set of the parentals isn't exactly the sexiest thing on earth, but we're glad for the option {...and the fact that we don't have to pay the now OUTRAGEOUSLY high Orange County rent since jumping into another lease would make no sense. Hello, overrated apartment complexes built in none other than the roaring 20's with leaky roofs and popcorn ceilings! No thank you.}

- Chad has a blessed 3 weeks left until the semester is OVER! {Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! - Sound of Music style.} This fact is always much welcomed, and lets just keep our fingers and toes crossed that all goes swimmingly during these last few classes.

- I realized that I rely on our families quite a lot. Not that this thought was ever lost on me before, but adding Kota into the mix has really shown me that it's actually quite a fabulous thing to have family members close by.

- Moving is such a damn hassle. Seriously, outrageous. Next time we move {well, the move after leaving these here rooms in the Cisneros home}, we are just going to straight up hire some professionals. Maybe I'll box a few things up on my own...Maybe...But one things for darn sure: there will be NO loading any sort of vehicle with our belongings from THIS lady. Nuh-uh. Never again.

- I'm considering going to work and utilizing the skills I actually went to school for. Now that I've had the two bambinos and I know that if I leave them for a bit the world won't fall apart, I'm quite curious. Chad and I have been talking about it, and thanks to those wonderful family members, it actually might be something that may happen. We shall see. Anyway, wouldn't that be awesome in the ole' pocketbook arena? Can we say "European vacations?" {Twice a year?...Okay, that's just me being crazy, but that would be amaze. Who wants to convince Chad with me?}

Anyway, I need to unpack the boxes taking up floor space in our wing of the house and continue to repeat to myself these words exactly:
Just until we make the purchase, just until we make the purchase, just until we make the purchase...

Talk to you soon!

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