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Friday, May 18, 2012

My left arm and it's buddy

So my babe is attached my hip in the most literal sense. 
I have completely mastered the art of right-hand-only typing, loading and unloading the dishwasher with the perfect tilt and getting Carter's shirts on and off sans lefty.
And you know what? I totally love it. I know that it's not exactly the healthiest thing on earth for that whole independent child thing, but hey. What can I say? I'm self-indulgent these days.

One thing's for sure: this totally stems back to the hospital days. First of all, our hospital got rid of the nursery, so she was in our room the entire time, and I'm telling you, girlfriend knew when I was not around {they had to try three times to do her hearing test because she would immediately burst into tears as they wheeled her away}. Once we came home, it obvious that she could sense when alone, so in order for her to fall asleep {and stay that way}, there I was, always a few feet away. 

Anyway, I used to roll my eyes at women like this, but alas, I have become one. It's just more thing I can tack up to the look-how-different-my-two-babies-are-from-one-another board. Carter was always relaxed just lying there on his back as I did the laundry, Kota is not. Carter would cry himself to sleep within a matter of minutes, Kota makes me feel guilty for a great deal more minutes. Maybe because Carter is a boy and subconsciously I see him as being more independent? Therefore I felt less like I needed to protect him from crying, even though I don't like the thought that I may have a double standard? I don't even know if that makes sense, since I keep envisioning Kota as this total BA doctor or lawyer someday {Hi, I'm one of those parents}.

But anyway, since the bambinos are asleep and I'm feeling list-like, here are the pros and cons to holding your baby all the time:

Pro: you get to hold a happy baby all the time.

Con: you are holding a happy baby all the time.

Pro: you're the only one who can meet baby's needs.

Con: you're the only one who can meet baby's needs.

Pro: you feel like you have a secret language with your baby.

Con: your husband is apparently left out of secret language {hello, Mother's Day guilt fest sleeping in session}.

Pro: you feel ultra bonded to baby.

Con: babysitting baby I would imagine would not be enjoyable.

Sigh. Anyway, I'm just glad that the source of her frustration was not from breast feeding after all, since after a recent post, I got an email from an awesome beyond all awesome lactation consultant! Wasn't that so sweet! She put my mind at ease, and I couldn't be more appreciative!


  1. she is beautiful!! funny how the pros and cons are the same. : ) have a great weekend!!

  2. Have you tried babywearing? That way she can be with you and you can still have your hands. Just an idea! She is gorgeous!

  3. She sounds like another little lady I know who lets us all know she prefers to be held. All the time. Even at bed time.

  4. What a sweet baby girl! No worries, right? I have a little buddy too, he can't seem to let me get too far away from him either...I just don't think I'll ruin him by holding him all the time { I kind of like it too }

    Loved your pro and con list :)

  5. Ha!! My baby girl is exactly the same, only now she is 2 and her little brother or sister is due any day now and I. AM. SCARED. But there is something so sweet about being a Mama to a precious darlin who can't stand to be out of sight, I just soak it up, and squeeze her even more!
    XO Amber
    {and P.S. I also have 2 boys who were definitely more independent, so maybe it is just because they are boys}


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