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Thursday, January 7, 2016

1st of January and photoshop stuff, oh my!

Pictures from the 1st day of the year right here! This all took place before the sun set and after we had an amazing breakfast with the Fitch's post NYE celebrations the night before, Daddy made chili we kept dipping into, movies up the wazoo and tons of cuddling on multiple couches within our tent of a home (another Wild reference... One day I'll stop comparing our lives to situations from the book). What a cozy beginning it was to what is bound to be a great year.

At the moment, our backyard is legitimately flooded. El Nino doesn't agree with the slow draining system installed into every backyard of the neighborhood. There are real deal pools back there! It's torture to watch Snow walk around from mud puddle to mud puddle, dirtying his white paws and ankles. As soon as he re-enters, I have to wipe off every toe in order to avoid white-rug-turned-mousy-rug's further soiling. But hey, what can ya do? At least we've experienced RAIN!

I'm downloading a free trial of photoshop as we speak! I'm so excited! Now I'll be able to install nicely formed six-packs on myself, Chad, Carter and Kota. YASSSSS.

Oh! It's finished downloading! My next post will be all like...
But not as basic and with less ugly bright white slider windows casting not-what-I-want WHITE light in the back because I'm not sure how to make the white light GOLDEN light jusssst yet, ya know? Woo!

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