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Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 babay!

2016! 2016! 2016!

I just feel so gosh darn great about going into a new 365. Everything that were "big deals" last year were handled in such positive ways that I really felt like all of the ups and downs laid a solid foundation for 2016.

Entering 2015, I felt anything but great. Too many new things, lots of change and hey, the continual monologue in my head of "chin up! Stop being so critical of every little thing involving your new house, not being close to the beach, living off of the devil's highway - the 91 - and being a bit further from family! Smile!" didn't exactly help the situation. Then, while in the middle of futile optimistic conversations with myself, we experienced loss. The following weeks of deep sadness left no room for being bummed that the weather was 10 degrees warmer in Corona than in Ladera Ranch. I no longer cared if I had to sit in traffic to get home from my parents house - what trivial things to worry about in life. This sounds completely cliche, but walking through the saddest valley brought us to the highest mountain top, emotionally speaking. After realizing what is REAL in life, REAL things that were worth being sad about, I decided to fully embrace the aspects which before left me feeling low. What a turning point that was! Simply making a positive decision. So I now think of our great loss hand in hand with showing "Mama what really counts - baby being one of them, weather and location on a map in relation to Orange County or the beach not making the cut."

Thus brought about a wonderful rest of 2015! Loving on our sweet 4-legged baby, Snow, diving into the kids' school situations, ACTUALLY following up on a resolution made every year for the last 6 (PICTURE TAMING!!!!!), continuing badass-ness in our Dave Ramsey universe and so much more! What a pleasure it is to see a new year with my beautiful family.

And OH EM GEE, Chad got me an Erin Condren planner for 2016 and... goodness. I can't get enough of it! I've neatly written out my resolutions (I'm totally a resolution person! They're so fun!), and since this blogular is a magic space where when goals are written out here, they actually happen, they must be recorded!

1. Get Snow into training because he's a strong ol' boy who needs to actually listen when Mom says, "NO MORE PULLING, YA BIG BEAST!"

2. Organize the kids' school projects! Carter's closet is littered with his preschool, TK and now kindergarten work. There are three piles of unruliness. I've literally kept every little thing he's ever done, so that needs to be edited down. But because I did that with Carter, I've done the same thing with Kota. So I have all of her preschool work in a growing pile in HER closet. Eek.

3. Stay current on the infamous Budget Board I gifted Chad for Christmas! Bahahaha. Good thing he loves me.

4. Book the destination which said Budget Board shall transport us to!

5. Take the babies on a weekend getaway which is road trippish in nature.

6. Stay current on photo prints and picture books.

7. Continue to slay the Dave Ramsey life, of course!

8. Read 12 books this year (and not get lazy or indecisive about going out to buy a new one!). I've kicked the year off with Wild, started yesterday on the 31st - SOOOOOOO GREAT. Let's just say the Budget Board is being a bitch and not allowing me to drive to REI right now and buy myself some boots just like Cheryl Strayed's. I recorded the movie and watched it while Chad was at hockey, then was like "maybe I'll read the book, that was pretty good." When I went to Barnes and Noble to secure book 1 of the 12, there was a little fishing around, then I asked a sales girl if she had another book in stock. They didn't, so I asked if she knew of the book Wild. Immediately she rushed me over to where it was, told me that the movie didn't do it justice and regaled me with her experience of meeting Cheryl Strayed, crying during the entire encounter and how life changing the whole book was for her. So hey! I felt great about it and still do!

So woo! Goooooooooooo 2016!

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