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Monday, January 18, 2016

Not to be forgotten when they're old as heck

I pretty much have nothing of importance to write down, but hey, "nothing of importance" ends up becoming VERY important later on.

So, per usual, I was creeping through the past years of ol' Three's 4 Me the other day, and I came across a post where Kota's first steps were talked about along with thoughts on the kids' new shared room situation. We were living in Lake Forest where we were renting a 3 bedroom condo - to this day, the largest place we've ever lived in! I was in the beginning stages of Stroller Strides, so I moved the kiddos into a small bedroom together and placed the computer and toys in the third room. 

After re-regaling myself with how adorable her first few steps were, I went on to read about how, when the two of them were supposed to be trying to get to sleep, Carter would open the door for his tiny sister, then she would bolt out, full crawling speed, into the hallway right next to where I was answering emails for Stroller Strides! Carter and Kota would be laughing hysterically while this was going on, and when I would catch up to the crawling speed demon, place my hands around her teensy body, she would literally disintegrate into a fit of laughter. It was like her small-but-fierce little frame of a body couldn't handle the giggles! I've been thinking about that memory a lot over the past few days and about how I probably wouldn't have remembered it had it not been written down up in here!

One of the reasons I've been thinking about that particular thought bubble over the last few days more than I would a regular ol' post, was because the other night Kota refused - and I mean REFUSED - to sleep alone in her own bedroom, so she BEGGED Carter to let her have a sleep over with him. He really didn't want to, but ended up folding. It was 8:00 when we put them into bed, but it was 11:15 when those two actually fell asleep! Chad and I were fully aware of Carter's light being on and them playing in there, but they were having so much fun together we just couldn't break up the awesomeness in the name of "following the rules!" About once every hour Chad or I would pop our heads in, pretend to have a stern voice and say "okay you two, time for bed," but we honestly didn't care if they fell asleep or not. Then we would look at each other and silently laugh because it was all so hilarious. 

One of the times, Chad opened the door dramatically in an alright-it's-10:00-time-for-bed type of way, and they were sitting side by side on Carter's bed reading books. Kota looked up and said matter-of-factly, "we're reading books." So Chad was like, "okay... Carry on." and that was that! Hahahaha!

Then the next morning (when they woke up at 6:30 am - why?!), we were saying our breakfast prayer, and both of them said something along the lines of "thank you, God, for letting me have a sleep over in Carter's room because it was so fun." Bah! Siblings!
So yes, good times. I've also been very impressed with the few weeks where I've been living with the idea of "YES!" and literally cannot believe I never held the resolution of reading 12 books in a year's span before. Books are so GREAT! I'm on book #3 for the year and sheet, man, it's a great one. So far I've read Wild (freakin' fabulous), Love Letters to the Dead (very depressing, probably because it's about a bunch of teenagers who are up to no good most of the time because they're dealing with their problems - too much for my mom brain to think about because I would die one thousand emotional deaths if those were my kids. I had to read for about 20+ minutes each sit-down before I would get into it and kind of was forcing my way through. It was well written and pretty cool, but after reading it, I told Chad that my next book would be fetched from the "BOOKS THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD" section of Barnes and Noble. That's a real section! Haha!), and now I'm on The Kite Runner (oh em freakin' gee, so great. So, so great. I think next I'm going to read this guy's other two novels, I've enjoyed it so much). What a great start to 2016 it has been!

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