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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The effects of the book Wild

1. Reese Witherspoon is my spirit animal. I'm reading the book Wild right now, which led me to find my bff R on Instagram, which caused me to view one of her recent posts: a picture of a book by Shonda (Scandal's creator), The Year of Yes. That picture sang the same tune I've been secretly wanting 2016 to be, the year of YES! She's my girl. I love her. We are spirit animals.

2. Said book has made me think wild thoughts (see what I did there?). Like last night for example, Chad and I were being total weirdos - he was playing video games in the family room while I was watching the 10,000 shows I was really excited about on the DVR in the living room, so we were talking to each other from separate rooms while busy doing separate things - I announced that I wanted to get the kids horses for next Christmas. HORSES! In Wild, the mom buys herself a 12 year old thoroughbred for $300 and it "saved her life after she left 'Reese's' father." So I thought, hey, I want the kids to be horse people. When I blurted it out while knee deep in my wine, rolo's, milk duds and popcorn, Chad let out a hoot and was like "yeah.... I don't even like horses." Bah!

3. I then woke up this morning and announced my horse dreams to my two best friends, one of which is from TEXAS and was an actual barrel racer when she was young! I thought I would get unbounded support from those two. Less than 30 seconds later I was bombarded with "ARE YOU CRAZY" texts, letting me know that by buying horses that does not make us "horse people." Alright, jerks!

4. So my horse dreams have been dashed. Maybe if we ever buy land in the Minnesota north woods and then build a house upon that land with our bare hands, we can buy the kids horses and become horse people, per Wild.

5. The book has also got me texting my sister, letting her know that I wish the two of us could hack a 3 month hiking trip up the Pacific Crest Trail, but acknowledged that we would be hot messes. She agreed, then we started hatching an Idaho road trip where we could see what the wilderness of Boise is all about (so they can buy a vacation home up there... for us Cisneros's to vacation at where I can fulfill my "open land" weird pipe dreams).

6. So yes, this book has got me all yesssssssss. So good!

Those pictures are the product of playing with Crazy Lens and her wonderfulness! The only funny thing about CL, is that in it's natural, zoomed out state, it reaches so far that our tiny home seriously is TOO tiny for it! I have to stand at the front door to get a room-sized picture of Carter and Kota on the GREY couch, two rooms away! I mean, it's fine, nice problem to have, but it's just funny! So close ups, be plentiful! The last picture was taken compliments of selfie stick, all of our bff. Carter made the CUTEST video on it. which I really want to add to this post but for some reason blogger isn't letting me do it. He is the best. And so is Kota. And so is Snow. And so is Chad!

AND it's raining cats and dogs outside right now! GAH!


  1. Haha I rallied hard for Ryleigh's name to be Reese, and John vetoed. He finally agreed to consider it the second time and of course it was a boy! Haha! Maybe I'll get a dog named Reese ;)

    1. Oh my gosh, I wanted the same thing and Chad said no! I was so bummed! A good friend of mine just had a daughter named Reese so now I feel like the opportunity has been lost hahaha. I vote for Reese Hall, the dog!


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