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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Balboa Park family day

 Fully obsessed with these babies and the bump pictures that I've actually DONE regularly with this pregnancy! Way to go, us!

This last Sunday we seriously needed a concentrated family day. Staying home didn't sound too appealing, but hitting up all of our regular routes and destinations didn't sound too great either. Navigating through traffic to Orange County? Nah. ANYTHING traffic? NO. So Chad, king of the great ideas lately (read: drive in  movie theater genius), suggested we surprise the kids with a mini road trip down to SD to walk around Balboa Park. We could hit up a few museums if we wanted to or just mozy around and BE! It sounded glorious.
We saw turtles, skipped around fountains, walked through the natural history museum and just RELAXED. Well, I say "relaxed," but doing so actually took me over half the day. I've been so wound up lately! Like I can't just chill out. It's either my brain is working on overdrive, not allowing me to sleep, or my body is giving me issues. RIGHT THIS MINUTE I'm pretty sure I'm the most tired I've ever been in my entire life, but I can't sleep. CANNOT. The kids are at Grandma Cheryl's for a summer sleepover so I made a concerted effort to get some day time shut eye. After literally TWO HOURS of lying there, eyes shut and all (!!!), I gave up. But my eyeballs are on fire! My brain is mush! Everything in me needs to go to sleep! I've been letting go of stress because it's not good for bambina, so that's been kind of nice. Next step: sleep training myself so that way actual relaxation can occur more easily.

But anyhoo, I really did chill out about half way through the day. It was a fun time with my babies! It's going to be so weird NOT being JUST the four of us anymore, come October. It makes me a little emotional! I have a feeling I'll be really teary-eyed leaving for the hospital to have Baby Grace. Like we are the Original 4! Who knows how many more of these strictly Cisneros family days we'll have left before things change FOOOORRREEEEVVVEEERRR. Obvi thrilled for what's ahead, but I'm kind of sad! I had these same feelings thinking of going into the hospital with Kota, but it seems like we've been THE FOUR OF US for so long that this will be a bit different. Anyway, can't wait for baby girl and very thankful for days like these where we get to simply enjoy each other's company.

Yay Balboa Park!

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