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Friday, July 22, 2016

Bathing suits, bathing suits, bathing suits

Oh summer, how I love thee when going through pictures of the season - and we're only half way through! School is starting in just a few weeks (19 days to be exact), but we still have lots of bathing suit fun ahead: Bass Lake next week with the Paplia clan, Newport Beach timeshare with the Cisneros group and then a few beach play dates peppered in throughout.

I even went and got myself my first 1 piece since I was probably Kota's age! So I wasn't sure if that purchase was actually going to go down - yes 1 pieces are very in right now, but I sure as heck didn't want to feel old and yucky given the fact that this bod ain't exactly the usual one inhabited. It's one thing if you're in shape and feeling sexy while rockin' a very trendy 1 piece - it's quite another to feel like you're wearing a body suit to hide largeness. But anyhoo! Thinking of how many hours I'll be in the sun during our Bass Lake days, I decided that strictly for sun exposure purposes, a 1 piece would probably be best. DEATH would happen if my bump got burnt - could you imagine the misery that would produce? So anyway, I got myself a 1 piece that I actually like! Then I drove on down to Target after that success and tried a few others on with a lot less luck. But yay! First 1 piece ever! Kind of stoked on how comfortable the thing is. Wooooooo! So yes, win!

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