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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our "big kids'" room

This post was broken off of this otha' post.

Nothing makes me happier than this calming, relaxing, DIY-gone-right, end result for the two older babes of the household. As mentioned, it went from a depressing green and sickeningly light grey, to the shiplap whiteness and same-chill-Behr-Rhino-color-as-our-master-bedroom. I just love every bit of it! Sure the room is very short on space, but hey, what can ya do? At least it's an enjoyable area now! This was our first go at shiplap. Chad and I were both shocked on how much we liked the finished product. You know - not all DIY's come out the way ya like! Glad this one did.

I joined the party with these ladies, Nifty Thrifty Things, this amazing group o' broads, and Making It in the Mountains.

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