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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My 10 year high school reunion!

Well gosh dang, life has been pretty fantabulous lately. One of the best thangs that's happened was this last weekend where we went to my 10 YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION! Holy cow, what a fun event that was! I mean seriously? Whoever came up with the idea to get a bunch of 28 year olds who may or may not feel awkward about being in a room together was a true genius. Oh man, it was so much fun from the beginning of preparing for the event until 12:30 that night (next morning? We're wild) when Chad and I mozied on into my parents' house after tons of crazy socializing.

One of the most awesome parts of the whole thing was that one of my best friends in the entire world was coming into town beforehand, freeing us up to shop for our dresses. It truly felt like we were going to homecoming or something! We shopped ALL day at the Spectrum where I got a dress which I agonized over after purchasing: was it too short? Not fancy enough? Would I be comfortable dancing in it? Too bohemian? Just right? Would the wedges I was planning on wearing with it be too casual? Too "done up?" I mean!!!!!!!!!! HOMECOMING!
So that particular Spectrum day Jenna couldn't find a dress and I went home still questioning the short baby-doll 90's get-up I had secured at none other than Forever 21. We were both a little depressed that shopping as 28 year old mothers didn't produce the same joy that shopping as 18 year old high school-goers would have. The abundance of crop tops did not help our feelings of slight perturbedness either. The next day I ended up going on a whirlwind shopping trip in Corona and Jenna went shopping at the MV mall where we both got lucky, finding our much-thought-over dresses. We were in business!

Two days later, reunion day, Carter and Chad went to hockey, Kota and I got our nails done, and then off to MV we went for the night! I (stupidly)  had a few sips of coffee around 5:15 pm to give myself a little boost and then started getting ready (again, Homecoming style! Parents' house for the win!). The kids were happy as can be watching cartoons as Chad and I left to go pick up our date: Jenna! We OF COURSE had to relive high school, so we went to Del Taco where we sat in mine and Jenna's booth. Next was a quick stop by the liquor store where I mothered it up in the front seat while the others drank, total high school style, in the backseat of the truck. I MEAN.
As we got out of the car, Jenna and I all of a sudden got very nervous! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! What was happening? We were going to our 10 year high school reunion! I felt very fortunate to not have had any major heart breaks or embarrassing moments (that I could recall) with the good ol' chaps in my class, but still! It was slightly nerve racking!

As soon as we rolled up to the ol' guest list table though, it all smoothed out. I even saw someone in my sorority there! Hahahaha! I had no idea she was a 2006er with me! What was crazier was that I later found out via her snapchat that we were on Prom Court together! Who the heck knew???!!! So that was a great start to the night! As soon as we entered the actual building it was socialization on steroids. We were immediately chatting it up with hundreds of people. Literally it was my favorite social situation of all time. The niceness! We were all so nice and awesome and interested in one another! So much fun!

There was even one guy there who had lost SO MUCH WEIGHT that I literally had no idea who I was talking to. I tried to look at his name tag but I couldn't tell who it was!!!! Obviously that is a good transformation for him - I just couldn't get over how there was a human there I couldn't recognize! What a classic 10 year high school reunion moment!

Anyhoo, the event ended at 11:00 pm, so making it until 10:45 in my heels was a major win. I'm pretty sure the coffee had something to do with that. Chad told me as we left how insanely different this pregnancy was - he was positive we would not have lasted the entire night during Carter and Kota's incubation periods. I felt pretty dang cool making it that long too! So Chad and I dropped off Jenna at her parents' house (serious high school vibes) and then headed to Del Taco AGAIN - we were soooooooooooooooo 18 years old that night!
We got home around 12:30  where we found our sleeping babies and I immediately hopped in the shower to relax my then-sad feet. Then we cracked down on our loot. Welp, Del as 28 year old mostly-clean-eating humans is NOT the same as Del as 18 year old fast-as-heck-metabolism humans, so after a few bites the two of us called it quits. YUCK! Hahahaha!
That night I could not sleep in the usual bed we sleep in at my parents house. I could not get comfortable to save my life, so I heave-ho'd out to the couches where again, there was no sleeping. I kept thinking my brain was on overdrive thanks to the fun we had at the reunion, but then it occurred to me that it was probably the dang coffee. Oh well though. One sleepless night in the name of the amount of fun we had was very worth it. Baby girl was also kicking during the whole event! Fun was had by all! Wooo!

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