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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Good ol' 4th of July

Some humans live for this holiday - I am not one of them. Ever since we've had kids, it's just never been a particularly fun 24 hours for me! Yes fireworks are a blast, but the build up to them? Heat. Sweat. Schleppin' kids around. Tiredness. Sometimes too much food. Sometimes not enough food. Hours of waiting for the sun to go down. Kids crying. Possible sun burns. It's a lot with little ones!

But anyhoo, in the last few years I've really tried to perk up and not be such a dud leading up to America's birthday. It really has helped that we have a prime time view of Corona's fireworks from our backyard, so 2015 and '16 have been spent here at our hizzouse instead of battling the 91 and other gosh-forsaken freeways on a holiday. This year, since the actual day fell on a Monday, it was actually the best weekends of celebrating the 4th we've had in years.

Corona had their annual celebration on the 2nd, a Saturday - a fact I was initially perturbed about but then realized that it opened us up to tons of other fun times for Sunday and Monday. So Saturday we got out of the house around 8:50 am, parked about a quarter mile away from home in Daddy-o's new truck that we're all super in love with (Silvy the Silverado), and met a few friends on Main Street to enjoy a little old town USA fun. It was Carter's first time seeing the parade, so it was the Cisneros 4 all together (as opposed to last year where it was just Chad, Kota and I parade-watchin') - one last Independence Day as The Originals (aka pre-baby girl).

Once we met with friends, we were all in all 3 kids, 2 babies in strollers, 2 pregnant ladies, 2 dads (the other dad had work in the morning) and then 1 normal mom who had been pregnant last year (trying to make sure that that baby who was now one of the ones in a stroller didn't burn thanks to the blistering hot sun). We were a cute sight, except for the fact that we were slowly melting and dying. By 9:10, I was ready to call it quits! We held on a bit longer because duh, we couldn't split mere minutes into the celebration, but we were a group of ticking time bombs. Around 9:40, Chad announced that we could get through 3 more floats and then we were all going to call it a day. By the time we reached our car, it was 10:10 - I thought it had to have been at least 12:30! We were ALL wiped out. The moms, the dads, the kids. The heat had SUCKED THE LIFE OUT OF US. Our family returned home to relax before a few of those same friends came over and I just COULD NOT get over how exhausted I was! It was unbelievable. I irrationally came to the conclusion that I simply wouldn't be able to fall asleep in the middle of the day, so I just stumbled through the house with a sour look on my face, regretting the fact that I had to mop the floors before company entered our home.

Around 1:30, Chad looked at me and commanded I go get some lay-down time in. Thankfully I acquiesced, but it still didn't matter. By the time I "got up" around 3:30 to do the floors, I still could not snap back. Chad told me not to worry about the floors, so again I acquiesced, trading in my sparkling clean tile dreams for a quick Clorox Bleach Strip swipe of a some mud Snow had dragged in. Floors = done.

I felt kind of guilty knowing guests were coming over in my overly-exhausted state, but then realized once they got there that one of them was 37 weeks pregnant - she too was exhausted. So the two of us sat on the couch and basically didn't move until fireworks happened later on that night. The kids swam in our teensy backyard pool and all was well. The food was great, and we all had a blast.

Sunday was WAY better on the energy front, thank goodness. We headed over to a friends' home and had an absolute blast. The kids swam their little hearts out, there was a water balloon fight and s'mores happened - MAJOR WIN! We all had so much fun and the best part?  None of us felt wiped out or overly exhausted afterwards, a true 4th of July weekend miracle!

On Monday, the actual holiday, my sister texted me and asked what I thought about mexican food at their pool later on in the afternoon. That sounded amazing to us, so we skipped on out to Ladera Ranch for some holiday fun. It was so funny though, because all 4 of us had worn out our red, white and blue apparel so we had nothing festive to wear on the actual day of the 4th. My low energy seemed to have returned, but this time Chad and the kids joined me in exhaustion. We left the LR around 4:30 because we simply could not see ourselves making it peacefully all the way until 9:00 when fireworks were to start.
So us C's were tucked into our comfy beds by 8:30 on the 4th - a wonderful way to celebrate if you ask me! So yes! Now that the 4th seems to finally be getting better on the family management front, we're throwing ourselves back into the trenches of babydome next year. Bahahaha!

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