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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Regular ol' life

I just got that itch that was very much alive and well around these blog parts a few years ago: wanting to link my little blogular up to a ton of other larger blogulars and "grow" because I've been having so much fun with all of our DIY'in around the house. The thought was "hey, why not? May as well post our hard work and taste out there on the internets and chat with others who enjoy hard work and similar tastes! YOLO baby!" I even looked up a few link parties! But then as soon as the appropriate parties were found, I remembered that the last time I thought it would be cool to "grow" I basically stopped recording the life of us C's all together due to overthinking the whole thing (read: "editing" pictures - ha (maybe if I had the patience)! Trying to write about things you think people want to read about - that never works! Spending way too long staring at the computer instead of your kids - totally happened! Participating in giveaways to gain followers - yeeeeeeeeeeah, no). So no way to that, jose!

Anyhoo, life lately (outside of DIY'in the heck out of everything) has been... hitting up a drive in movie theater for the first time! OH MY GOSH - we are all obsessed with it. We saw The Secret Life of Pets and basically died over how cool the experience was.

...Kota having her first gymnastics recital of her life! Honestly, the love this child has for gymnastics versus dance... this dance mama may need to hang up her high hopes for triple pirouettes in lieu of back hand springs...

...Carter participating in his second roller hockey tournament! Funny story: so the players were going to be playing 3 half hour games and then a 4th if they won. They tied the first game, creating a weird point spread to where they were going to have to play the 4th game. By the time their final half hour of hockey rolled around, these 5 and 6 year olds were OVER IT. They were SO TIRED! One of the poor kids was literally crying during his last go! Chad and our friend Joe (their coaches) felt so bad that they got everyone slushies which, duh, made everything better. I just couldn't believe how tired they all were though! Carter was skating in circles by the end. Two of the boys just stopped playing and hung out by our goalie! It was actually very hilarious because who could blame 'em? Hahaha!

...I took the babies to see the huge Palm Springs dinosaur road exhibit and they loved every second.

 ...our regal, 73 pound beast upon our (his) bed. Bow down!

 ...Corky's! We love it there, yes we do.

...sweetie pie makin' eggs. She's actually gotten so good at cracking, adding a bit of milk, mixing, pouring in the pan and then stirring that I can actually relax while watching her! Pretty dang cool for a fo' year old.

Love these babies. Right now Kota has a low grade fever and has mysteriously thrown up in the middle of the night twice this week. Wah! I've had to cancel two sets of plans and now we're going stir crazy! It's so weird that as soon as I'm rarin' to go with energy to spare, someone gets sick. Such is life, I guess!

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