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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chocolate silk pies.

So one thing about my 24th: on the actual day of it, it felt nothing like my birthday.
I literally forgot about the whole event until about 20 minutes after I woke up since we had celebrated the day before. Even when I did realize that it was, in fact, the day I blessed this earth with my presence, I looked at Chad and said in the most monotone of voices, "Hey, it's my birthday today." No frills, no thrills. Anyway, as the day went on and I enjoyed myself while shopping with my mama and the bambinos, one major thing occurred to me:
It was the first birthday of my entire life where I didn't have a cake!

Petty, I know, and yes, I had had a little chocolate thingy when we all went out to brunch on Sunday, which was delish, but on the BIG DAY, there were no candles to blow out!
Even though it was a minor detail in the happiness that was my birthday, it was just weird! Anyway, I categorized the phenomenon in the this-is-what-happens-when-you-have-your-own-kids column of life, and let it be.
Well, THIS GUY {^}, without me even expressing to him my lack-o-cake sentiment, left class early and brought me my FAVORITE beyond FAVORITE pie on the face of the earth:
I almost started crying!
He had covered every basis of a birthday, even the part I felt dumb caring about!
{make sense?}
{Look at my man back in the dating days!}

Anyway, he is the
Here are more reasons why he is awesome:

1. See that skin tone? My kids have a 50% chance of inheriting that tanned-to-perfection wonderfulness. It's why I married him...To give my kids a fighting chance in the world of bronzing. I'm no help in that department.

2. He dances for me like a fool before bedtime. Sorry, honey!

3. The pie. It just needed to be stated again.

4. You say things like, "Hey, you're looking good," even when I'm wearing my PJ's and my hair looks like it was swept away by a cyclone.

5. Every night, you ask me what Carter said about you that day once you come home from work, and once I answer you, you say, "Okay, when did he say that?.....When did he say that other thing? etc. etc. etc." 

6. We have reached the point in our marriage where I can just touch your shoulder with one finger in the middle of the night, and you know that means to roll the hell over because you're snoring. BEST.PLATEAU.EVER.

Anyway, love you, babe!
Now sayonara, people...I will be rewatching Gossip Girl for the rest of this nap session, pie in hand.


  1. #6 might be my favorite, I have to punch my husband before he'll roll over! haha

  2. Ha! What a great guy! Praying your new little one is letting you rest!

    Brandy Jane Mabel

  3. I have to kick my husband and yell at him to roll over.

  4. My husband is not a cake person, so for his birthday he gets a pie! Usually a cream pie.


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