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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A few notes on life as a foursome

Alright, we have been needing to get out of the house...Chad, especially.
The man has done in inordinate amount of dishes, cooking and burping, all while I have been sitting upon my lily pad: the couch.
Anyway, today we took the bull by the horns and drove down South to Northern San Diego to do a little shopping for the kiddos at the Carter's outlet {ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, girl clothes, girl clothes, girl clothes!}, and while we were down there, Great Grandma Jane met us for lunch! 
It was JUST what the doctor ordered, and now the mere sight of our television does not turn our stomachs!
But our little outing got me thinkin', see??
It got me going on how life has changed now that we have taken the leap from a healthy little threesome to fabulous foursome, and in an effort to make it to dinner on time {where Chad has, once again, assumed all responsibility}, here are the cliff notes:

* Laundry does, in fact, grow exponentially with each new person you bring into the family.

* Getting ourselves out the door requires a Ph.D in organization.

* Baby #1's are VERY protective of Baby #2's in the most delightful of ways.

* Going girl shopping may possibly be the world's best past time {see above: outlet shopping at Carter's}.

* I can already tell that adding Babe #2 has made me a stronger mama in the realms of discipline because now we simply CAN NOT have various cars flying through the air any more.

* Whoever made up the myth that having children detracts from date nights/romanticism clearly has not met Chadly. Let's just say that he has given me FOUR early birthday presents as of today. Woohooo!


  1. I definitely think that shopping for girl's is a great past time! It is amazing how much harder it is going from one to two when it comes to getting to the house on time! I finally feel like I have it down and my youngest is 16 month! You just pretty much need to add 45 minutes to how long you think it is going to take. :)

  2. Girls are so much more fun to shop for. I agree, so much goes into just getting out the door. Sometimes I give up and just stay home. haha.

  3. Ahhh girls clothes are so much stinkin fun!! I love dressing my baby girl up, seriously, its pretty high on my "favorite thing to do during the day" list : ) Your sweetie is adroable! Carters=Heaven for anything baby!{especially girls clothers}. And I have one child and I still am unintentionally late to various things!
    Kudos to your hubby, what a great guy!

  4. Ahhhh congratulations! She's adorable!! :)


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