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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day trippin'

We have become professional day trippers around here.
Long drives with little need to leave the actual car have become our family date option of choice since we want to keep the youngest C around only us. 
Where did we go a few days ago?
You just can't beat the goodness! Look at that burger!

Anyway, I think I'm creeping towards the end of the blessed new-baby-adrenaline rush.
With Carter, there was no such thing as exhaustion until he was about 3 weeks old, but once I hit the wall, man, I really hit the wall. There may or may not have been a few attempts to force the binky in there. Thank goodness for grandparents who take pity on their daughter-in-laws! Anyway, sheesh. Going forward I need to make naps a priority, that's for darn sure. Let's just say that last night saw many a-violent head jolt and a few hideous glimpses of myself in the mirror, both of which could have been avoided by an hour long lie-down in the mid afternoon.
Eeeeeek......So cheers to naps and getting some rest around here, especially right before Chad goes back to work!

...and because this is precious {especially Carter's outfit}...


  1. What a great idea day tripping!

  2. Naps are magnificent! Rest all you can before the hubs goes back to work..good luck! Your little boy is adorable, they look awesome in their matching outfits, ha.

  3. i LOVE carter's outfit! love little boy clothes :)
    oh and i just read your previous post and i totally loved the brest friend too!

    new follower, please stop on by:


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