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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How do you nap a tot without a crib?

Seriously. How do you get a kid to sleep during nap time when he's not caged in??
Today we loosely did the Supernanny technique, but it looks like tomorrow I'm going to have to be super intense about it because the kiddo is running circles around us right now.
Good thing he's cute.
Anyway, here's the nap-time-game-plan for tomorrow, per Jo's advice:

1. Bambino gets out of bed: "Okay, honey bunny, it's bed time," in a soothing voice.

2. Bambino gets out of bed again: "It's bed time."

3. Bambino gets out of bed AGAIN: say nothing and tuck them back in. Again. And again. And again.

4. Bambino gets out of bed for the last time: "GET THE HELL BACK IN BED NOW!"

Okay, #4 doesn't really exist, but I will be diligently executing steps 1-3 starting at 1:00 tomorrow, because today's nap session is officially a wash.
Off to Target we go with the man for some shopping and returning!


  1. I had to sit beside my daughter at nap time until she fell asleep for a bit. I would take a book and refused to talk to or look at her unless she got up, I'd tell her to go to sleep. After a couple days I sat at the end of her bed, then by the door, outside the door with it open just enough for her to see me. It took maybe 2 weeks. However, I didn't have a new baby at the time either. Good luck.

  2. We also did the super nanny thing and just kept with it. He would get out of bed and we would put him right back in without saying a thing to him. He's now 2 and a half and goes down for a nap and bedtime just fine. I also lay with him briefly, read him a book and he drinks milk from a sippy cup. Just keep up with it and you'll get there :-) Good luck!!

  3. Good luck with tomorrows nap time routine! I hope it goes well! That must be hard getting your little man in bed when its not in the crib, where is cant get out! Supernanny is AWESOME

  4. As soon as my daughter turned two she refused to take another nap. It was really rough, she wouldn't even play quietly in her room. Hang in'll find something that works for you!

  5. I just found your blog. & I love it. Good luck with nap times. I have my 5 month old so spoiled I have to stand with him to get him to sleep, I'm starting to try and break that. I am a new follower. Check out my page, you may want to follow back.


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