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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Okay, I'm going stir crazy.

I really am.
I need to get my booty moving and grooving with other moms who may be going stir crazy, as well. 
There's just one little thing: I haven't been feeling very well.
Yeah, I've been borderline sick for the last few days. 

But guess what's awesome??
Kota has been going down at 8:00 ON THE DOT for the last few nights with her brother.
It's amazing what a little "me" time can do for the soul.
But this glorious "me" time which I've been lucky enough to experience needs to be moved from this apartment to some place social. So I can, you know, talk to other adults.

And I need to be wearing heels while executing this strange thing called "socializing."
And my hair needs to be done.
And make-up needs to be present.
And my clutch should be the only thing used for storage, where there is no room for two different sizes of diapers.
Even though leaving my gigantic Coach baby bag will not be an easy thing to do.

And once all that has been successfully accomplished, I will feel energized and ready to get back to apartment 51 where rogue bodily fluids {yes, poop can be considered a fluid} reigns supreme!

But wait! I'm already feeling guilty for this post, so here are those precious faces which I will miss SO MUCH once I actually leave the four walls which comprises my living room:
Awww :)


  1. Those little ones are beautiful!

    Everyone needs adult time :)

  2. Our babe had better be born with an immune system of steal b/c I could hardly stand the 7 days of "light bed rest" I had to be on a few weeks ago. I don't think I'll be able to stay locked inside for the first few weeks! ; )

  3. "me" time is always vital! :)


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