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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chad: the Leap Day Santa

Guess what I did for my man on Leap Day. I said, "Hey, babe! It's Leap Day today! This is so cool!"

Guess what my man did for me on Leap Day. He said, "Hey, babe! I have a surprise for you! Here's your new 4S! Oh yeah, and I bought all the fixin's for us to make McDonald's McCafe Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffees right here at home! With the real vanilla pumps and all! Happy Leap Day!"

Oh, man. 
I was totally out shined!
He deserves the World's Best Husband award AGAIN, and I deserve the Hey You Should Have Thought About That smack-in-the-head FOR THE 100TH TIME IN A ROW!
Sheesh kapeesh, I love that man, and not because he showers me with pretty pretty white iPhone's, but because he is just awesome.
Awesome, I say!

Thanks, sugar-pie-honey-buns-shnookums-shnookums-wookums-cutie-patootie-rootie!
You are the bomb.
And I love you.


  1. that's awesome! enjoy the 4S!! :)

  2. Love it and glad life is treating y'all well!!

  3. Awww! that's really sweet!
    I have the iphone 4s. AMAZING!!! You will love it!


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