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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Y'all the creative juices have apparently stopped flowing. That's okay, though. All the more time for random thoughts and a slight update on this glorious Tuesday morning.

When Chadly has unexpected work things come up, I turn into a thug. A straight up thug. I started thinking thoughts like, "What the heck, CHAD'S WORK??! Release him back to me!" Completely irrational. Then once I come out of my brief thug-life, I start thinking of things I should be doing while he's out of the house... Like watching 19 Kids and Counting.

When I left the kiddies alone in the living room for LESS THAN 2 SECONDS to take out the wonderful Pillsbury Dough Boy croissants, Carter decided it would be a good idea to pick up Kota and try to bring her to me. Incredibly, no one got hurt, but man was I freaked out when I found Kota lying in a place where I had NOT left her. 
Sheesh, that was sort of painful to write out! 
No more leaving the kids alone, even for the briefest of moments!

Last week I let Carter do something sort of weird, and I even knew it was odd as I was doing it. I let him have a snack in bed...Right before bed time....Like an adult does with cookies. Anyway, what had happened was that he had had a super early dinner, so I felt weird sending him to bed on such an awkwardly full/empty stomach. So I let him eat Cheerios while I read him books. Now he asks for snacks every night and gets mad when I don't give them to him. Aren't I a good mom?

I feed Kota like a newborn. With Carter, I was on a strict let's-try-to-stretch-out-your-feedings-to-the-three-hour-mark by this time, but with her, I just love it too much! Maybe it's because I feel like I don't hold her enough, even though she's constantly being shuttled around either by myself of Chad. Oh, well. It's how I do, man.

Anyway, cheers to random thoughts! 

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