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Friday, March 23, 2012

Should I do it....?

So I had these sweeping plans to chop off my long blond locks in lieu of some sexy summer shortness, but I think I'm already having separation anxiety! Can I do that to myself? 
This ole' mane has been mid-back length for my entire life, and save for one drastic cut {4 inches during my freshman year of college}, I have never felt the need for any major change. But now I have to do something, I just don't know if I can do that!
Here's another big question: 
should I go brunette?


This would be huge.
Larger than life.
Should I do it?!
{She asks herself!}

It would be a major change.
If I went brunette, I seriously would have to pile on the make up everyday to make up for the lack of pretty pretty dark eyebrows, but I think that would be a welcomed challenge. The only thing that would not be so good is those days where I don't put make up on. I would look like a ghost, pretty much.

I don't know!


  1. Do it!!! :) You only live once!

  2. I've gone brunette and loved it. Only problem was John hated it. I say go for it. It's always reversible.

  3. Go for it, it is just hair! That is what I always say. :)

  4. If you want change, I'd either just add layers to the length or go brunette- I wouldn't chop. But, I have long hair, too....I love being able to pull it back during the summer!

  5. that would be so cute!! but totally understand being scared to do a drastic change! at least you know that it will grow back and after awhile you could go back to blonde - I say do it!!

  6. As a mom that has done this very same thing time and time again. . .DON'T CUT! :) Unless of course, you really want to. It's always been a bad decision on my part. Last time, I decided to cut and dye brunette. What a change! But only 1 week later, I was longing for my blonde ponytail again. Good luck with the decision. Post pics! P.S. I'm a new follower! Love your blog!

  7. I'm a natural blonde (but I also lighten it) and I have chopped my hair (think Posh Spice bob) and I've dyed it dark brown. I dyed it brown originally because I wanted a change from (at the time) 20 years of blonde hair. I also thought the maintenance would be easier than bleaching it. BOY WAS I WRONG! Color FADES. Blonde does not. And depending on what type of color your hair dresser uses it can fade in up to a week. Mine faded to kind of a funky auburn color (not a good look for me) and as my roots started to grow out, they didn't match like i thought they would. It's funny how dark your roots ca looks against bleached blonde and they how light and GRAY they can look against brown. So in the end I went back blonde...but if you hair doesn't lighten easily (i.e. having to sit under a dryer to lift the color) then it can take a while to get back to the blonde you want or you will damage your hair. When I bobbed my hair I thought it would be easier to style and take less time because I would have less hair. WRONG again. I have naturally wavy hair and as soon as i cut off all that weight my hair became CURLY. It would not blow dry straight anymore and it was too short to straighten it very well. I mostly just straightened the ends and wore hats to hide my curly roots (thank god it was winter and cold). Maybe just try some layers/side bangs? Or get some low lights?? So anyways, I would HIGHLY recommend talking to your stylist before you do anything to you long hair!! Mine took a long time to grow back so if you are a slow grower keep that in mind too! Good luck!

  8. That is a big decision. I have super long hair and I go through the same thing so I can understand what you are going through.

    Heel in Mint


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