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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Those Duggars...

Y'all, my love for the Duggars runs pretty deep.
Chad makes fun of me, and people think my small addiction is slightly creepy, but bottom line is this:
They are pleasant folk and I dig 'em.

I just came from watching their season finale, something I was quite looking forward to since it was an hour long, and horrifyingly, about the baby daughter they lost to miscarriage.
Oh my gosh.
Every part of my body hurt watching this episode, and it seemed like I was going to burst at the seams. 

What had happened was that Michelle lost the baby right before her 18 week ultrasound, where they were going to find out the sex of their sweet little one. Unfortunately, they couldn't find a heartbeat. Immediately Jim Bob and Michelle prayed, both while crying.
When they told the family, the pain really set in for me. 
How do you tell your family information like that?

As the episode continued, I thought to myself,
"What the heck am I doing watching this? I'm literally torturing myself."
But they were handling themselves so gracefully, I had to follow through.
During the last 15 minutes, I basically wanted to claw my eyes out.
I started to think about how incredibly joyous young family life has been for Chad and I, and how I wholly have taken that for granted.
The arrival of Carter truly, deeply showed me the meaning of life, and how easy that had all been!
Pregnany? Piece of cake! Delivery? Text book, all the way, man! Sleep deprivation? When?!

When we wanted another baby, wham-bam-shishkum-bam,
Healthy. Alert. Incredibly beautiful. Silly little mohawk. Everything.
Incredible. Just incredible.

Watching a family experience loss like that was incredibly difficult, but man, am I glad I watched.
And I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous, 
but thank you, you wonderful Duggars, for sharing that experience with everyone.
It was truly touching, and makes me love my family that much more.

The end.

{Ahh, tears!}


  1. I love their show!! They kept me company in the wee early hours when feeding my newborn 2 years ago. Your post is making me miss cable! Your not crazy, they're awesome!

  2. I also love them!! :) I am so bummed I missed it!! I hope they do some reruns!

  3. I love them too! Seem completely content! They actually came to my hometown to rebuild a family's home lost in the tornado. Such a sweet family. Sad I missed this episode! :)

  4. I don't have cable so I have to catch up by reading the tabloids in the checkout line. Thanks for the update! Poor family. Miscarriage is such a hard thing.

  5. They really are such a lovely family. Such a sad episode but they handled it with such grace. Makes you want to squeeze your babies!


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