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Saturday, March 10, 2012

When the man's away...

Apparently I'm a humongous scaredy-cat. I thought it would be nice to have the bed all to myself, but I really just wanted Chad to be there so that way when,you know, the masked men broke into my bedroom he could take them on.

Carter does not like to go to bed at his usual 8:00 hour, but rather at 10:00. And then not sleep in the next morning.

Kota likes to take it easy on me and sleep her little heart away. Thanks, baby girl!

I crawl into bed at 9:45. I felt like an oldie, but it was actually quite nice. In hindsight, though, that just gave me more time to envision the scary masked men.

I become way too inundated with Instagram. How come no one ever told me that's one darn fun app?!

We go on walks with my mama.

My sister comes over for girls' night in. And we will be watching a very girlie girlie girlie movie. Which has yet to be decided. (But I think we're both thinking Breaking Dawn Part I.)

So have a great time in Vegas, my love!
We miss you!


  1. Let me know what Breaking Dawn is like i am very tempted to get into on my macbook for a very boring train journey ! Hope that there is popcorn involved ! Enjoy xx

  2. I had my dad come to my house while my husband was away at 4:00 am because I WAS CONVINCED THERE WAS SOMEONE IN MY HOUSE. It turns out it was a neighbor outside talking to his dog. :)

  3. I am the exact same way!! My husband has been workin the night shift lately, even though he will be home in a while, I lay in bed and think of all the things that can happen, and listen. for. every. single. noise. And since there is a field in my backyard, I scare myself even more!!! So I stay up until I know once my face hits that pillow, I am out!! Also your newest follower!!!


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