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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Findings in fitness

So this is awful, but I've never been big on the whole "nutrition" thing. It's just never been something I was ever particularly interested in! Growing up, of course my parerentals cooked a great deal, but let's just say that Burger King was conveniently right down the street. During college, who the hell knew how to cook for themselves? I was an active patron of Taco Bell. Anyway, bottom line is this: unhealthy eating never really affected the scale, therefore it never really affected my guilty conscious. Gorditas for all! - was my sick mantra.

But I think I have turned a new leaf! 
About three weeks ago I went shopping at the local Sprouts Farmers Market for the first time and without even meaning to, totally stocked up on fruits and veggies because they were so darn cheap! My outrageously cheap-skate eye has this thing for buying whatever the heck is thriftiest, and at this glorious market, it was all the stuff that actually helps your bod out! I even bought a can of coconut juice and it was delish! What on earth?!

Anyway, I came home and told Chad about my awesome score and per our compromise, we meal planned! Yes! We meal planned! For meals that I would be making! Mind blowing!
So the week went on and each meal was actually quite a riot to execute...A good time was being had by me, the mother of all burnt brownies.
During the days of that first week, all of our snacks consisted of something fruit or veggie-like since we had such a supply, and let me tell you something: I had never felt better! 

THEN, I came across this blog, and was just absolutely floored, particularly by this section. Um, can we say "healthy lifestyle pay off?" That insanity got me outrageously motivated, prompting me to go on at least four 3.5 mile walks, all during that first week! Apparently eating a few fruits, veggies and homemade meals makes one turn into a completely different human being!

So let's recap: Week 1 was a little bit of healthy eating and a few walks.
Awesome, but not as awesome as week TWO!
Back I went to Sprouts with a psycho determination to fill up again on these wild things which are au naturalle. I was so stoked to whip all my goodies into wholesome meals that I was actually perturbed when Chad came home early on that Wednesday night and asked if he could cook. When Thursday came around, I felt like I hadn't turned on the stove in years! Who the hell had I turned into?!
Anyway, week two consisted of awesome meals, healthy snacks, 3.5 mile walks AND my new thing: 300 sit-ups.  

Now for this week, WEEK THREE!
I totally splurged at Sprouts, therefore taking it off of my this place is so awesome because I have yet to shell out more than $50 per week so far list, but here's what we did with the loot during the kids' Sunday nap session:

- I pre-packaged little sandwich bags filled with fruit and froze them all so Carts, Chad and I can easily {quickly} have daily smoothies after adding a little bit of apple juice and spinach

- We meal planned more in-depth dinners {steak and spinach pinwheels, anyone?}

- and -

- Pre-packaged Chad's lunches for the entire week with the leftovers from last week so there's no need for any crazy processed foods out there in the wild world of the "lunch break."

...And those smoothies? Heaven. I actually crave them when I wake up now!

More things about week three: continuing the 3.5 mile walks WITH the double stroller {want to get into shape? Have another kid! You will be pushing a minimum of 45 pounds during each walk session!}, adding more sit-ups into the mix, and I'm determined to start pushups {the kind where my knees are on the floor...Full pushups? Not there yet, my friend!}.

So in the spirit of Jen's blog, I'm going to start posting my daily fitness goals {with my two days of teaching at Purebarre included}, along with what the deal is with dinner for us that night. 
At the end of the day, who would have thought that my cheap-o-ness would have led us down the road to some healthy eating? I guess everyone out there is right: eating well makes you feel good! 

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  1. Thanks for showing that link! She is inspiring! my weight came off so easily after my first but then I got pregnant when my son was 7 months old and I have had a heck of a time losing the weight. I am now at my heaviest and it just plain sucks! I just started trying to ease back into exercising and trying to cut out more processed foods. Good luck!


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