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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Real life and a fitness check in

Real life right now consists of...

- Waking up at the crack of dawn to drive the zillion miles down to Wednesday morning's work at 5:15 in the am.
- Spending a solid 20 minutes at an Angel's game because when Kota started crying, we felt bad for the old man sitting next to us who was, without a doubt, the most hardcore fan alive {binoculars and dirty looks, anyone?}
- Still being conflicted over matters surrounding that ole' institution of working outside the home.
- Being frustrated that Orange County fancies itself as the city of gold, keeper the fountain of youth, and/or paradise. I have no idea what justifies these high home prices, no idea at all!
-  Not cleaning like a proper person . . . Who says dust bunnies can't be your friends?
- Kota experiencing a massacre level poop situation half way through a 3.5 mile walk yesterday. 
- Apparently me turning into the world's largest complainer. I'm not sure if that's anything new.

It's high time for a fitness check in!
Here's what's been going on around here in the culinary realm:
Daily smoothies {this week I got LOTS of strawberries, mangos, bananas and I threw some celery in there, which Chadly hates, but it's all about the greens, man!}, I made Carter some vegetable muffins which made me feel like a super proactive mom and last, but certainly not least, I grilled myself a few steaks last night. For the first time. Ever. So I would say that Sprouts is still serving me well and that I'm turning into a regular Wolfgang Puck.

Here's the count as of right now, having not done anything towards the goal today yet:
13.5/30 miles of walk/jog
1,400/3,000 sit-ups
180/500 push-ups

My numbers are pretty low since I took rest days on Sunday and Monday, then yesterday I only walked, but I'm feeling good about the next few days! The challenge ends on Saturday, so I've got a full plate for the next few days!

Okay, writing that out was pretty motivating, so here is what else real life consists of:

- Carter loving his vegetable muffins!
- Kota smiling and talking like a maniac! 
- Chad growing out the ole' scruff yesterday. It's my favorite. Hands down. Forever.
 - Carter neatly eating said muffin with a mini spoon right now! That kid...
- This cup of coffee.
- The fact that I didn't buy Starbucks today, but actually craved a home made pot! Times are a-changin'!
- Kota loving her rice cereal!
- Chadly just being Chadly.

1 comment:

  1. whoa 1400 sit-up ...I gotta get with the program! ... lol ... the miles I'm with you the sits not so much!

    I hear you on the poop right in the middle of the walk...been there done that :)


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