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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey! I think I see a muscle!

So the 10 day challenge was amazing. It's just so awesome to have a goal! I think the part of it I enjoyed the most {well, in hindsight anyway} was the fact that we included pushups in the gosh darn mix. Y'all, my upper body strength is pathetic. "Little to none" is being generous. Anyway, here is how it all came out:

I walked/ran 23.5 miles out of our goal of 30,

did 2,700 situps out of 3,000,

and got through 380 pushups out of 500.

So I was short on everything because I took two days off for some rest, and there was just no making it up! Already the ole' bod was being pushed to the limits, so that was just the way it was going to go. But I'm truly totally happy with those numbers! It was our first challenge and now we know.
Here's the most awesome news of all:
I... see... some muscle... in my ARMS!

In these arms!

I think I'll go so far as to say that these ole' guns are getting a good workout! Yes, I thought my body was going to crumble by the wayside due to overworking the joints, but hey! It was so worth it! Look at that muscle-less picture up there from when I was pregnant with Kota! No more Gumby arms around here, my friend, no more!
Anyway, our next challenge starts this Wednesday, and here are the new goals:

27 miles of walk/running
3,500 situps
500 pushups

That's the deal, man! 
And here's what's going on in nutrition around these parts as of Monday {our grocery day}:

Smoothies: strawberries, bananas, blueberries, flax seed meal {give it up for crazy ingredients!}, greek yogurt, honey and apple juice. Seriously, best tasting and for us to date.

Snacking/Chad's lunches for work: I made quinoa! So now we have a protein filled, healthy snack during the day and Chadly has deliciousness to look forward to. I also packaged the rest of last week's turkey-filled spaghetti for the dude to trade off, if he would like.

Veggie muffins: this week, for Carter's wonderful veggie muffins, I'm going to include sweet potatoes and broccoli. Seriously, these things give that kid more veggies within a one inch radius than this woman was able to give him during the last two-and-a-half years. Cheers to carby-looking healthy snacks!

Dinners: planned and ready to go, although one night include enchiladas, which surely will not be too nutritious, but hey, what can ya do? This marriage is comprised of someone who is half espanol, so what's a wife to do? {NO, I most certainly DO NOT enjoy fattening Mexican food more than my husband... Why would you think such a thing?}

Anyway, it's looking good, it's looking good.
I hope Jen's blog is inspiring you just as it is me, and go check out my 10 day challenge pal Jenna and tell her to go turn on Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred RIGHT NOW!
{And seriously, you better yell!}


  1. That is cool. I recently started some exercises as well, and it's so cool to notice muscles where there weren't any before. ;) Would you like to stop by my blog and link-up? I started a Healthy Tuesday hop at

  2. How exciting! I really need to challenge myself and set some healthy goals! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I'm happy for your achievement. Just do things rightly to avoid muscle stress, muscle fatigue or whatever it is. God Bless..

  4. I definitely need to try it once I have the baby..sounds like a great challenge!!


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