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Monday, June 25, 2012

Night time and the thoughts

Late at night, particularly when Chadly is watching boring videos pertaining to business and there's a lovely glass of Skinnygirl right next to me, my thoughts wander. I'm just a late night thinker! Anyway, here's what's going on in the noggin:

Our 10 day challenge went FAB. I will be posting very, very soon about it, but one thing we didn't think about was any days off. We totally over did it, but you know what? It was worth it. Next challenge = conscientious resting days.

I'm overhearing bits and pieces from Chad's boring video, and let me tell YOU, it's even worse than I thought. He looks happy though, so that makes me happy. You've got to love a man who enjoys movies where phrase's such as "undeterred by his success," and, "sales tripled unbelievably, and they continued to triple every year..." are said in monotone, old man voices.

I'm in a three-way debacle as to which book I should purchase next on the ole' Kindle. Should I finish up the Harry Potter series, since it's now LEGALLY available on the marketplace? {My last two Kindles died horrible deaths because I tried to pirate those gosh darn books. Yes, I tried to pirate something! It's out there in the ether!} Anyway, it's between Harry, Fifty Shades of Grey and the third book in this series I've been reading which is all about Henry VIII's wives. I know. I'm a dull person because I enjoy period dramas. 

I just polished off my Skinnygirl bottle and this glass is STR-ONG. Wow. There was only about two inches left in the bottle, but holy guacamole. I think I'm skipping the tingly feeling and going straight to the okay-Nicole-it's-time-for-bed zone.

Should I take up a few scoops of mint ice cream, or should I not? The new norm in my life is spending inordinate amounts of time being indecisive about ice cream. Normal?

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