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Friday, June 15, 2012

Fitness check in and the 10 Day Challenge

So to put some structure to this awesome new eating-well-and-feeling-good thing that's been going on around these parts, my friend Jenna and I have started the
where we have set goals for ourselves, all of which need to be reached within 10 days.
This is, yet again, inspired by the awesomeness that is Jen's Journey, except our version is much more small scale, therefore more applicable to our previously slovenly ways.
{Just kidding, we are not slovenly, just in the thick of expanding the ole' familias!}

Anyway, here are our goals for our first 10 Day Challenge:
30 miles of walk/jog
3,000 sit-ups
500 push-ups

And today being day three, here is what I've done the last two days, since today's work out won't be happening until the evening:
4/30 miles of walk/run
500/3,000 sit-ups
50/500 push-ups

The reason I'm loving this whole 10-day-parameter thing is because if you need to take a break for a day, that's totally fine, or if you're feeling extra motivated and on top of business one day, you can take on more! So long as everything is done within the 10 days. Awesome, I tell you.

Anyway, here's a random story from yesterday about eating horribly:
I went to pick up my little brother's high school graduation present {the guy has GRADUATED from HIGH SCHOOL!}, and the lady said I had to wait an hour for it to be completed, so off I went to grab Carts a little something to eat, and since I was awkwardly hungry, decided to get myself a little something too. The only healthy options available were served up with these huge portions which I wasn't hungry enough for, so I decided just to grab myself a once-fabulous pizza pretzel from Wetzel's Pretzels. 
Oh, Lord. Greasey-McGreaster. 
So greasy that when I was ready to choke down all that was the pepperoni/pretzel combination, I could have swallowed the grease first, then swallowed the rest. Basically, puking right there in the middle of the food court didn't sound like such a bad idea to me in that moment, and wouldn't ya know it? The rest of the day waves of feeling the need to animatedly gag came and went every time the experience flitted through my memory. Awful, man.
Anyway, back to my smoothie and reading Carts his new Potty with Elmo book!

{PS- Anyone who reads Elmo, what about this "Baby David" character? Hilarious!}


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