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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'll take some pictures with my boredom please

In response to this devastating boredom, (a little too dramatic?), I decided to entertain myself by shuffling through a few of the millions of photos Chad and I accumulated throughout the dating days. Enjoy!

Chadly at one of the Greek Week's looking pretty dang intimidating with that football!

After Chad finished on the field I snuck in for a much needed photo of the two of us in all of our themed-GW-outfit glory!

Us at one of our last formals :)

Well, this one was taken right after we got married but I had to sneak it in here :) Yes, these are majorly out of order.

Chad and our buddy Bamma sandwiching me at our friend's graduation party.

Although this is the world's most awkward photo, take a look at those outfits! We were Mr. and Miss. Duck Tape! We constructed those entire outfits out of tape! It was amazing!

A little bit blurry, but here we were at the fraternity house after playing in our softball league :) Needless to say, I was the best on the team ;)

Us at a formal once again.

The night we met! (We were set up on a blind date - I guess it worked out nicely!)

Chad at a party without me, but check out that marvelous tattoo!

Us at my sorority's Gala. This is one of my all-time favorite pictures :)

At the river!

Us being hams at Sea World :)

Still at Sea World!

Vegas with friends!

Here we are at an ugly sweater party!

Oh, we had a blast back in the day! Now we have our precious little pumpkin to make us laugh and keep us on our toes! What a great way to relieve some boredom :)

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