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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is me, pulling my hair out

Do you want to know the first words out of my mouth this morning? "What an a**hole." Yep, I looked right at Chad, who was sitting on the edge of the bed ready to go to work, and without emotion I just said it. The reason for this calm outburst of anger? Some a**hole was outside beeping his stupid horn for about two minutes straight. He then continued to beep it off and on for another couple of seconds, at which point I almost opened my window and screamed, "If you wake up my sleeping baby, I will murder you!"

Little did I know, that ridiculous honking man was setting the tone for the rest of my day. Well, the morning was fine, and lunch was fabulous since we met Chadly at good old Johnny Rebbs, but everything post-lunch was horrendous. Here is how it went:

- On the twenty minute drive home from Orange (where Chad works), Carter fell asleep. Anything car related right before nap time is never a good idea because it significantly shortens crib time. I put him down for a nap anyway, just to have him play in his crib for what seemed like forever. Finally he fell asleep, but he only slept for 40 minutes. Ugh.
- Since Carter has been having a hard time eating lately, I decided that today was the day I was going to conquer this ongoing battle with food. So, after his nap, we basically sat and stared at each other for 45 minutes while I was waiting for him to eat one measly hot dog, and he was waiting for me to let up on him. Well, letting up was not what I had set out to do, so dagnabbit, I never flinched! Finally he started feeding himself the hot dog pieces, but then started stuffing them in his mouth. We went from one end of the spectrum to the other in about 2 seconds. I was nervous he was going to choke so I started pulling them out of his mouth, which made him laugh and made me want to throw myself out of our second story kitchen window.
- After our torturous kitchen showdown, it was time to go grocery shopping. He usually loves the store, so I figured it would give me some sort of a break from the insanity. Oh no, not today! He was whining the ENTIRE time, and for some reason he did not want my right hand to grab onto the cart. So, with him constantly trying to uncurl my fingers, we rushed through the super market. After reaching the car, I realized I had forgotten the eggs. Great.
- Finally we made it home unscathed. I thought I was out of the woods, but no. Waiting for me was a bed-full of folded laundry (thank goodness it was folded), ready to be put away. One quick look at the clock told me that it was almost bath/bed time! Woohooo for this blessed time change! With that in mind, I hopped-to on the laundry, and continued on through the night to nirvana: bedtime. Hallelujah!

Now I'm just sitting here reflecting on my monster of a day, and thanking the good Lord I came out alive. Every once in awhile I guess you just got to have those types of days to appreciate the calm ones! Whew!

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