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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My boys in plaid

Well, what can I say? My boys look fabulous in plaid, and they proved it once again running around Disneyland yesterday in their button-ups. There was lots of hand-holding, line-waiting, and balloon-watching for the little man, and Chad was right there behind him! The only down side to the day was the insane amount of people at Disneyland in conjunction with Carter not wanting to sit in his stroller. It stressed me out to have him roaming around, even though I had a death grip on his hand. After we realized that Pirates of the Caribbean was a for sure no-go, we decided to take off in pursuit of a less stressful venue: our apartment! But before we reached that point, here are a few pictures of our fabulous little outing:

My little bug :)

On the carousel! One of our favorites :)


My plaid wearing twosome :)

Stylin' . . .

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