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Friday, March 4, 2011

Paparazzi, please.

Okay, this is a weird thought, but every once in awhile I wish there was some random person around to take pictures of us just going through our daily life. Why a random person, you may ask? Well because every time a picture needs to be taken, someone who should be a fixture within the picture has to step out and man the camera. It's a bummer when you want to capture a moment and the mood changes because someone has to say, "someone get a camera!"

Anyway, I've had paparazzi-focused thoughts for a few days now. There are a few reasons for this: a) Carter has been running up to me and giving me massive bear hugs, b) he's been slowly walking towards me holding an over sized book that he wants me to read him, and c) he's just been an all around teddy bear of a toddler lately. Yesterday he had a fever (which sounds worse than it was; I just put him in the bath after his nap and that seemed to do the trick), but in the aftermath of him not feeling so hot, he just laid on my stomach for the last two hours before Chad came home. It was so precious! I wanted to take a picture SO BAD, but the only thing I could do in order to not break the perfection of it all was to just grab my stupid camera phone and snap a super loud photo! The sound of the phone made him freak out a little bit, which made me think our relaxing moment was done for, but he instantly chilled out again. That would have been a perfect time for some random person to just be hovering around us snapping a million silent (!) pictures!

So, because I obviously won't be having paparazzi follow me anytime soon, here are a few pictures we have paid people to snap for us (Sacred Hearts Photography - they are amazing)! Enjoy!

Carter was just 6 weeks old :)

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  1. i feel exactly the same way!!!! that would be so nice to just have people taking pictures of you and capture all those perfect moments. i hate it when B is making the best face or doing something so cute but by the time i get my camera out it's gone. so sad. at least we have our memories. haha


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