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Thursday, March 17, 2011

In good company

As what always seems to happen with bad days (yesterday), the next day (Wednesday), was significantly better. After teaching three classes in the morning at the fabulous Purebarre, Chad, the little man and I headed off to the store to buy all the fixin's for a humongous enchilada fiesta for a few of Chad's fraternity brothers. Except for a run-in with them last Saturday night, we had not had quality time with the guys in Lord knows how long, so Chad invited them over for dinner. Since the old days of sleeping until noon is behind us all, they all arrived after their 8 hour work day fully dressed to the nines. Man, oh man, how times have changed. There we were, sitting like civilized adults, eating a dinner we had prepared, in our little family dwelling (aka our fabulous apartment)! It was great! We talked about work, the good old days of fraternity house madness, our dual bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas, and all the while we were politely sipping on a few beers! Who knew you could tame fraternity boys?! Anyway, it made me very grateful to be in such good company, and happy for our now grown-up friends.

I wanted to upload some pictures of the wild college days, but for some reason my computer won't download them to my blog! Photos to come :)

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