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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Family selfies over the last few months

While still in the process of documenting the thousands of cell phone pics we just uploaded, I realized that there actually ARE a ton of "family pictures" with. me. in. them. Not behind the camera! All four of us! Chad. Me. Carter. Kota. It was a miracle waiting to be unearthed. Woohoo!
 ^^^Chad's 26th birthday at my parents' house.

 ^^^At the US Open in Huntington Beach.

 ^^^One of Carter's U5 soccer games in the fall of 2014!

 ^^^4 accomplished people post hosting their first Thanksgiving!

 ^^^A wonderful night at the Mission Inn mid Christmas activities!

 ^^^Monkey children with their monkey father.

^^^The kids' breakfast birthday party for 3 and 5 at the Paplia home!

That's it for the family selfies between 2013 and now, all of which happened between June and December 2014. Gosh dangit, family coolness up in here! 

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