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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Some seriously great reads

When I had Stroller Strides, I literally had to stop reading. I just know how it goes when I get into a good book: completely distracted from doing things that need to be done. For example, my Twilight months involved two things - hanging out with the kids while thinking about Twilight and then reading Twilight. Nothing else! Cooking? What was that? Cleaning? Meh!

I knew that if I got into any books, nap time would not involve being productive, but would rather mean me sitting on the couch hahaha. Anyhoo, nowadays reading is back to what it has always been - a great time! I've read a few super badass books lately so they must be recorded.
1. The Millionaire Next Door: Now that we are legit library card holders in the new digs, I borrowed the book and just loved it. What an interesting read! It's not a call to action like Dave Ramsey's, it's simply an observation and analysis of America's successful folk. There were several case studies and comparisons found throughout, which were always entertaining and very telling. It talked about the habits of PAWs (prodigious accumulators of wealth) and the mindsets of UAWs (under accumulators of wealth). I know Chad really loved receiving several texts daily about how we shall raise PAWs!!!!! Hahaha!
^^^A typical day while reading The Millionaire Next Door. Totally normal.

2. Heaven is For Real: Man, this was great. It was referred to me by a mom in Phoenix who had experienced two miscarriages. After hearing what had happened, she immediately told me that Chad and I should read it. The book is about a little boy who has to undergo an emergency surgery. While under, he visited heaven, proving so by detailing several scenes from the Bible, past events his parents had gone through, etc. While he was up there he encountered the sister his mom had miscarried before he was born. What a great, positive, simple story it was! By the end of the book, I felt like the meeting of his sister was a very cool detail, but there was so much more to how sweet this kid and his family were. Highly suggest it to people!

3. Think and Grow Rich: I swear I'm not obsessed with trying all these ridiculous "get rich quick" things, I just really like meaningful books that just so happen to chat about finances. After becoming the family nerd (ambassador of all things Dave Ramsey), it's just something I've found joy in reading about. Anyway, I picked up this one because it was on some list of books that everyone should read in their lifetime, and the comment paired with it said that it pertains to more than just your bank account. It's like the first book of it's kind, the one the precedes all of these other "success in finances and in your life" books, written in 1905 I think. It was great! The author was good buddies with all of the monopoly dudes like Vanderbilt and Rockefeller (among others), so his life work was detailing how these guys conducted themselves and how he himself conducted himself as a result. They were all successful business people, obviously, but also successful, self disciplined human beings as well. It was just cool!

I'm reading another one now that Chad suggested to me, so it shall be recorded later. Woohoo! Good books with great messages. Yay

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