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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Other favorite selfies from the ole' phone

For some reason I hardly ever post selfies on good ole' social media, opting instead for the kiddos and hubby. But when Facebook and Instagram are your main family life recorders (not legitimate, printed-out 4x6's in photo albums), that can kind of suck when you realize that there are thousands of pictures of the kids but... none of mom! So while raking through in search of family pics yesterday, I noticed just how many mama pics there actually were, gosh dangit! Here are what I found chronologically with my favorite people of all time!
 ^^^Not really the best selfie ever, but a good Stroller Strides moment taken by the babes nonetheless. (May 2014)

 ^^^My favorite chicks in the whole wide world. My sister, Tessa and Kota Koo.

 ^^^I think this was an attempt to workout at home. Obviously I was really focused.

 ^^^Her favorite face ever.

 ^^^Total douche-o-ness.

 ^^^This was the day where I took all 5 of the Paplia grandchildren around Ladera Ranch to relieve the sister for a bit. It was awesome - I can't believe the endeavor was a success!

 ^^^Hey look! I'm trying not to get burnt! It's a miracle! This was last August while at the Newport timeshare.

 ^^^The Ruby's Shake Shack after the beach (still during the timeshare week).

 ^^^After several days of being in the sun, it's apparent that Kota was still really into the Marriott pool right here.

 ^^^Mommy and Daddy date time (Newps again!).

 ^^^Balboa Island biking (NOT during the timeshare).

 ^^^The elder.

 ^^^I don't know why I like this picture so much. I was texting it to my sister to make sure that this dress didn't contain too much white before a wedding. Kota was bummed we were going without her.

 ^^^Carter's first day of TK at Grace Christian. I remember being super distracted because I knew that we would be moving soon. It was super weird but I was so stoked for another year of awesome school!

 ^^^Hanging with my super hero. Adult life is so hard.

 ^^^Stopping off in San Fran en route to KJ's wedding!

 ^^^The day of her wedding in beautiful Nor Cal, it was just Taylor, Chad and I! We went explorin'. (Tay Tay and Whit are getting married in less than two weeks - insane!)

 ^^^See! We were so cool!

 ^^^This was when I slowly started packing for our move to Corona. It was a very swift, productive process as you can tell.

 ^^^Tanaka Farms for Carter's TK field trip!

 ^^^Cheering the Ninja Turtles on! Gooo U5 soccer!

 ^^^Hanging out at Tessa's sixth birthday party.

^^^My first 10k! Totally loved it, until a nice little migraine set in a few hours later. Ridiculous! I must avenge those damn couple of hours I'll never get back. Another 10k shall happen and I will NOT be bedridden afterwards! Beer shall be consumed, not Excedrin Migraine, following the next race! (October 2014)

So yay! I'm very happy to have had these moments captured with my crew. Seriously though, legit photo albums need to happen. Like real, REAL hard copies need to be made of the thousands upon thousands of pictures saved on the computer and external hard drive. I love thumbing through the albums at my parents' house! It will happen soon, it must.

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