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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Phone picture explosion

I just told the family that we are going to have homemade bean burritos tonight and all three of the other inhabitants of this house turned sour faced. The two smaller ones said NOOOO and Chad said, "I too am not particularly excited about these." Fools!! They will see! I make the best homemade bean burritos in all the land!!!

Anyhoo, I must further document "old pictures from my iPhone" up in herre!
 ^^^Our first time at Pretend City!
 ^^^Ahh, la playa!
 ^^^I miss Stroller Strides so much!
 ^^^One of my favorite pictures of all the Fitch children: Asher swaddled after Baylor came home from the hospital :)
 ^^^5 year anniversary lovin'.
 ^^^Father's Day 2014! A favorite picture of all time.
 ^^^Waaaahh I miss my Stroller Strides ladies so much!
 ^^^Dakota being a baby.

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