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Friday, April 3, 2015

Our Good Friday (totally just remembered that it's actually Good Friday)

I'm just going to list a few gosh darn happy things.

* Chad was being a big pimp daddy this morning and sweetly gave me a few extra dolla bills he had lying around in his wallet so that I can maybe have some fun. After debating whether I should insert those bad boys into my super cool "dog fund," I decided against it, opting for a Target trip. I told the kids they can pick out something from the dollar section and then got myself the Taylor Swift CD. I know - I'm the only human being who still buys CD's. But hey, I really like that chick, and after being a major "feeler" over the last few weeks I kind of wanted to see what she's been "feeling" in her own relationships. Oh, Taylor. I'm sorry you and Harry Styles didn't work out. That song makes me really feel happy and like I want to go to London and wear red lipstick while there. I don't know. It's also weird for reasons unknown that she's younger than me.

* After Target I mosied down to the store Ulta. I really have been needing to get my facial situation under control. Break outs were not a huge part of my teenage life, but now that I'm in my twenties they've taken over. It started around 24 when I thought that now that I was a "respectable adult," maybe I should spend a little dough on my face instead of using the tried and true bar of soap and Vaseline lotion (the same lotion I put on my legs). That first product experiment sent me into a break out and ever since then I've been switching things up here and there, producing even worse break outs. Now that I'm in the latter end of my twenties though, returning to the original bar soap and Vaseline thing sounds damaging and wrinkle provoking. So I was just going to go into Ulta to talk to someone, then come back to get everything if they had what I needed. I ended up getting one of those facial scrubbers, a new cleanser and moisturizer. I'd say it was the kind of unexpected splurge I could get behind.
^^^Angels. Carter wanted to write letters to Santa asking him for a particular gift for each member of the family. He asked me to write it out for him then he would copy it. My heart beateth extra.
 ^^^People, I spelled HELMET wrong. 
 ^^^Our first round of spring blooms!

* After Ulta, the kids and I went to Vons to stock up for the weekend. I actually meal planned, so there's no reason to run out of dinner food. That's my weakness when it comes to grocery shopping. I love getting lots of fruit, (less than lots of) vegetables, enough snacks to feed an army for the kids and lastly, sufficient breakfast foods (I'm so proud to be raising breakfast fiends! The three of us will gang up on Chad one day - a weirdo who's not big on that meal. Who is that guy?). The problem comes when I hit the meat area. At that point I never feel like picking up a single item that will cost me more than all the snacks combined. I'm cheap, but then I hate when Wednesday comes and we have no legitimate dinner foods. So meal planning happened.

* Next, Chad called and said that he was coming home early and he had already gotten Subway. Freaking awesome, it was so cool. Now we're just hanging out waiting for Easter Sunday. Woohoo!
^^^Kota waking up from a nap. She always goes to bed in just undies, then comes out of her room in jammies. 

* We watched Phantom of the Opera last night (the newer one). Y'all holy cow. Musicals apparently rock my soul or something. Les Miserable? That was like an actual experience for me. I couldn't get over how amazing it was. Phantom of the Opera last night? What the hell, why hadn't I seen that before?! When my sister and brother and I were little, my family had a cassette of the soundtrack. Our parents would blast it at home and we would all sing (hahahaha). Daddy-o would play it in his truck and I'm sure Mamacita played it in the ole' family van, probably because we asked them to. We loved that soundtrack (how could you not?). So last night being the first night that I actually saw that amazingness? Incredulous! It was really, really good and I really want to go watch it right now. I'll wait for Chad to go to hockey on Monday night, but I'll tell you what - it shall be viewed again. And AGAIN! Sing for me!!! SING FOR ME MY ANGEL!

Hehehehehohohoho. Okay I feel like I can go read my book with the men folk now after having some "get this weird angst out" time. Cheers to Easter time and the book Heaven is for Real! (I'm a spiritual ant eater at the moment and I hope I don't come out of it any time soon.)

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