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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Phoenix on the horizon

Tomorrow we leave for Phoenix, tomorrow we leave for Phoenix! Whitney's wedding is on Sunday and we are hip-hopping out of town for it Friday evening. But hey, get this. So of course, last Thursday I go to pick Carter up from preschool, and his teacher starts talking to me about his "big Spring Show coming up on Friday, the 24th." Whaaaaaat? What Spring Show? 

There was no notice for his preschool's big, annual singing show! Literally! Not one ounce of warning. I asked her if she really meant that this humongous preschool play was happening in 8 days, on the day where we were supposed to be leaving for Phoenix at 10:00 am. "Oh yes, if you guys can't make it, have the grandmas come!" What the heck?! I was so perturbed that we had no clue this was happening. That was the second time where the timing of an event hadn't been communicated to me. The first time was for the Thanksgiving feast. Y'all, I had NO idea that there was a Thanksgiving party back in November, so I go to pick up my wonderful child and what do I find? Every kids' parents packed to the max inside his little classroom! EVERY. KIDS'. PARENT. (Except for one other child's mom and dad because they hadn't gotten the memo either.) I felt SO bad that not only had I straight up missed this party, but that Carter was only 3 weeks into school there at that point! I almost cried just thinking of him being by himself at that party! Once I found Carter in the (jam packed) classroom, he was chipper as can be, so it definitely was harder on me than it was on him, but man! It's the principle of the damn thing!

Anyway, Chad and I decided that we are definitely going to go to his Spring Show, even if that means we won't get to Phoenix until very late at night. We're hoping to hop on a flight thanks to Daddy-o's hook ups or if by some chance the rates drop dramatically (come onnnnnnn, airlines! Doesn't anyone want to give away a couple of seats to the ole' Cisneros's??). We'll see! Either way, I'm very happy we didn't make the decision to have the grandparents fill in for us there, even though I know they would bring more than enough energy to make up for mom and dad skipping out. Carter is so pumped about the whole event, so no matter how late and by whichever means we get to Phoenix, it will be worth it. Love that dude! 

Here's what we were up to this last week :)
 ^^^Playing in the sprinklers for the first time sounded like a good idea until a breeze passed through 30 seconds later.

 ^^^We had our first garage sale! See all that crap? It was in our garage. Until last Saturday, we had one of those garages I've always loathed: a small space for one vehicle and then heaps and heaps of stuff surrounding it. Let me tell ya something about 7 am garage sale shoppers: they be cray, but I'm happy for their insane ways because everything is now gone!!!

 ^^^Lovah and I at Cailyn's third birthday party.

 ^^^Have you ever seen a sweeter thing in all your life? These two girls dance away every Monday evening. Go Kota and Stella!

 ^^^Carter had the last practice of his first roller hockey session last night. Look at that dude! He did so great. They had a little scrimmage at the final practice, and it was so darling watching him actually skate after a puck within a real, huge rink!

^^^Everyone in the damn world tells me to cut this child's hair, but look at it! It's so long! Yes, this is during a rare moment where it's actually brushed and looking pretty fab, whereas most times it's a wild, tangly mess, but hey! You can't argue with those locks! (And with those badass eyebrows. I'm just happy the kids got Chad's brows. Thanks for the contribution, lovah man!)

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