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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thinking on a Sunday

Sunday thoughts are the best thoughts!

* It's hilarious to me that I'm overhearing Carter semi-yell at Chad, "DADDDDDDY! This is a GOOD GUY! He works for Nick Fiery! Stop pewing me!" as they play video games. Chad keeps giggling and saying, "Bud, I'm pretty sure you're a bad guy," and they keep going back and forth. Oh, gosh dangit! Having a boy is a blast!

* Later on, Carter and Chad will be leaving for a live Avengers show with some buds while Kota and I go my oldest-of-all-time friend's birthday party! Kota is very excited to visit "Awwi," her adorable way of saying "Alli." We are fun Sunday folk!

* Chad and I have been doing something kind of wild. We've been.... hanging out... and.... reading together! Like chillin' in total silence while he reads a book and I read a book. Totally opting to turn off the boring TV in favor of our intellectual digs. It's kind of thrilling! Proof that doing just about anything with Chad turns into a good time (even though I've always loved a good ole' book).

* Today we went to church and holy cow, I just don't know how people attend mass with young children. How did my parents do it with three little ones? Ours are wild animals! They get a kick out of "whispering loudly," as they put it. I know it's just a matter of training your children on how to behave in such an environment, but sheesh. What a difficult undertaking that has proven itself to be! I think I'm going to book a flight to Rome, request a meeting with the Pope and require him to send out a mandate that every Catholic church in the world MUST create childcare on Sundays. It would be a good idea, me thinks.

* I genuinely miss living and breathing fitness work. When I think of Stroller Strides, I think more of the community we all created over insane fitness tasks, but it's like I just miss the whole enchilada! I miss Stroller Strides (working out/having a schedule 5 days per week), I miss Body Back (insane, intense ladies ready to werrrrrk), I even miss Purebarre from working there consistently back in Irvine years ago and then briefly in Santa Margarita right after their opening and before we moved (there was an awesome community there too!). So much positivity, and you know what, I really miss the hard work of it all on the back end (emails, updating payment information, filing everyone's paperwork, etc.). There were SEVERAL times where I felt overwhelmed, but what the heck is life all about? Easy living all the time? How boring! Although I wouldn't trade in my 100% stay-at-home status for anything in the world right now, it's safe to say that teaching/training and the world of "physicalness" is definitely a life love of mine, teaching more so than anything. I'm glad that my status as a mom to Carter (pre-Kota) led me down that path. I just wanted a "job" where I could work maybe one or two days per week and make good dolla bills while I was at it, and what popped up? Purebarre. It's been a great "concentration," or hey, "profession" if you will. We all loved it so much! The kids even still ask, "Mom, can I wear this to Stroller Strides tomorrow?" "Okay Mom, we're going to exercise, then stretch, then we're going to go outside and play in the street, sound good?" "Mommmmm! Listen to me! I'm telling you to do 20 jumping jacks and then 20 pushups!" I mean...

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