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Monday, November 9, 2015

Cloudy mornings and the sister's 26th birthday

It's one good Monday when it's cloudy out, the laundry has been started, the floors have been swiffered, carpets have been vacuumed before 10:30 am and when your big Kindergartener is the Star Student of the week! Woo! That, and drum roll please, I HAVE COMPLETED THE FOREVER LONG PHOTO PROJECT I'VE BEEN WORKING ON! Yes! Yes! Yes! 2006 - 2015 has been fully documented and are now flippable. Just about 200 more pictures to fill up the 2015 album and it's on to well designed photo books for us. Double woo!

Pret-ty stoked.

Last night was the sister's 26th birthday celebration at her house. I'll tell you what, it sure is an asset to have a professionally trained chef in the family. Delicious food, wine and hey! The bro-in-law and I even got into a nice, loud debate on what the definition of "feminism" is! Intellectual family time at it's best! Anyhoo, I can't believe the sister is 26. It sounds so young but that was just us last year! Sheesh, the decade of your 20's, family life and parenthood sure do create a weird sort of time warp!

Also, these pictures are from my niece's 7th birthday party a few weeks ago. SEVEN - are you kidding me? How has this happened? Next thing you know my sister and I will be competing to take care of my brother's kids because our darn broods will be ignoring our late night text messages of "where are you? Get home, you've passed your curfew." Insanity!

Once again, this whole kitchen computer set up is coming in clutch. It's just so accessible! If it wasn't so ugly here, I would keep it. Well that, and I'm scared something is going to spill on it. The kitchen counter isn't exactly the most practical place for the ol' computair.

What shall I pack in Carter's lunch box.... Hmmmmm.

Okay, I'm going to get my forever-undie-donning children in some clothes. It's 10:54, so we should probably get moving. But here's the real question: now that the photo project is done, what are Kota and I going to do after we drop off Carter? A quick trip to Walgreens for prints is unnecessary at the moment. Withdrawals are going to happen, it's inevitable. But anyhoo, I just love cloudy days! Later on we have dance and hockey - oh Mondays!

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