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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Life discoveries while the hubby was out of town

1. Not having any window treatments is freakin' terrifying. The blinds that I forced us to take down a few months ago could have come in reallllllll handy when dealing with my imagination. Let's just say that it's been a mission to combat the scary zombie robber people who were surely going to jump over our backyard fence and break into our home through the wide open, see-through back slider.

2. I wish Snow could speak! Oh my gosh, several nights in a row last week, after the kids went down to bed, him and I were just laying there on the couch being lazy, when he would jump up and start barking like crazy at the front door! Was it a possum? A rat? OR A SCARY PERSON?!!! Terrified the first time it happened, I asked my neighbor if her dogs were barking at anything out there. She said no, and then came and checked it all out. Beforehand though, I text messaged my mom and sister to let them know what was happening, which caused a "should I call the cops" conversation, terrifying me even more. Bahahaha.

3. I've been a bad disciplinarian and have let Snow sleep in bed with me. What a cuddle monster! I love him. Also, I've sort of given into his vacuum ways. A few crumbs left on the floor? Oh well, Snow's got it. Luckily he wasn't too bitter at Chad when he got home though. When over there in Germ, Chad was like uhhhhhhh, he's going back in his crate at night when I get there. To which I responded Well.... we'll see how Snow and I do when we're separated at night once again. It's been a smooth transition back into his crate, but surely he misses spooning with his mama and I've missed his 50,000 pound body sleeping on my legs. What a great third child he is!

4. This has been a known fact for ages, but this trip has really proven to me that an extremely messy home is a product of happy children. You should have seen their rooms! TOTAL DISASTERS AND. I. LOVED. IT. The cushions were stripped from the "white room's" couch for all the days. Why put it back together when it will become disheveled again after one night's sleep? Blankets were draped over the family room's couch for several days as well, something that usually drives me nuts. Oh well! It's comfy and the kids are massive cuddlers so hey, whatevs.

Okay, we must start getting ready for school! Carter was out with a fever last week, which cut into his Star Student time, which surprisingly made me very sad for him. So anyhoo! Off to put some clothes on, get Snow Snow in his crate, smack some clothes onto my forever-nude children, grab a toy to share and be off!

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