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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wedding album

2014 has been fully printed! Now those precious prints are awaiting a trip to Costco for us to pick up a pack of 4x6 picture albums, I just picked up the first batch of 2015 as well as clicked "submit order" to a nice "January - July 2015" album on Shutterfly (because one can never have too many pictures of a single year, apparently. That, and I get two 8x8 books free, so I'm currently working on an "August - December 2015" book to compliment the so-far 400 pictures that will be printed of this year alone), and finally, true to word, the wedding album has been COMPLETED and has officially been ORDERED. Do you, as a human being, know what this means????? It means that my wedding photos will see the light of day! Tears all around!

When I went to upload the pictures to FB years and years ago, each file was so big that it took forever. I just stopped due to impatience, so there's a nice album in my profile titled "Our Wedding" with not one shred of beautifulness in it. One of the main reasons we even had a humongo wedding after our precious court house marriage sweetness was for the pictures - so hey, printing up years later is better late than never, I say!

A little timeline here, for reference and to fully appreciate how overdue this whole thing is: we got married on May 29th, 2009, had our big family and friends wedding on June 19th, 2010 and I'm just now ordering an actual, physical book of loveliness on November 4th, 2015. 

Also, 2016 shall see 4 Shutterfly books. "January - March," "April - June," "July - September" and then "October - December." People, it's happened. IT'S HAPPENED. The photo beast has BEEN TAMED.

But ho ho, you! Tonight Chadly is going to transfer over all videos to a nice little USB drive, which I shall bring to Walgreens or Costco to officially convert into DVD's or Blu Ray discs. Tears! It's... just... so... wonderful...

Now we can relive the solid year when Kota referred to Carter strictly as "Batman!" Carter can see what a little goof ball he was while splashing around in the bath when he was 1.5! Oh, the freakin' joy!
^^^A completely unrelated picture because I'm too lazy to scourge through everything for a wedding pic! That, and we are about 5 minutes away from leaving C town to go visit the seestor in L town, so I must tornado through the house to clean the kids' rooms and get these damn dishes in the washer! Ta-ta!

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