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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More weird things I did while Chad was in Germany

7 days of just me and the kiddos was going to be easy peasy, I decided. I certainly was not going to take on too much - in fact, I planned on taking on NOTHING at ALL! As mentioned, cleaning and general house aesthetics was to be thrown by the wayside for the period of where I was single-mama-ing it up, and cooking? What cooking? It was to be a glorious time where the kids and I laughed, ate doughnuts, watched movies until 8:30 or, dare I say it, 9:00, and facetimed with the man every mid morning and around 11:30 pm when it was convenient for him and for us. It was to be wonderful! Here is what we filled our time with while I took a break from life:
* There was no checking of the email. Sounds glorious, right? It was. It was glorious right up until I took Carter to school on the Monday after Chad got home and learned I had played hooky from my assistant room mom duties! OH EM GEE, incompetence! Luckily the room mom and my assistant buddies laughed it off, but I'm not kidding, I cursed my email-vacation for a full 24 hours! The cursing was followed by extreme scrambling around like a hooligan trying to get time sensitive things done! Bahaha!

* OUR BEDROOM. OUR. BED. ROOM. Do you know how many times it's possible for a person to switch things around within a 7 day period of time? I "styled" our main dresser no less than 17 times because our wedding album arrived and it must look PERFECT. Snow's ugly crate has been moved from my side of the bed to Chad's side of the bed, back to my side, then back to Chad's side again because I wondered if the computer would look good on top of it in that particular corner, then back to my side where it originally stood. Do you know how many trips to Target can be made in pursuit of prettying-up said crate? Several, let me tell you. Now his boudoir boasts white curtains so it's not so ugly. Do you know how many times one can look online and text friends and family members regarding a comforter set? Hundreds. Do you know how many minutes a person can stand at her master bedroom's doorway and stare at all the "work" she's been doing? Thousands, surely. It was madness! And it's hilarious because the only real changes that I kept were the two things I bought at Hobby Lobby to help adorn our beautiful wedding album, the white curtain I put up on Snow's crate and then re-hooking up the computer RIGHT WHERE IT USED TO BE! Bahahaha. But still, an awesome time was had spending 7 days pretending like I was making a lot of progress!

* Furthering my adventures in the I'm-just-going-to-go-ahead-and-do-this-while-Chad's-gone-so-I-can-make-all-the-decisions, I almost, ALMOST did two very dumb things (hahaha!). In our bedroom, I almost man-handled down the not-vibing-with-what-I'm-trying-to-do blinds myself! I wanted to take them down to FORCE us to have to swing through IKEA for curtains when the kids and I picked Chad up from the airport after HE FLEW 11,000 MILES HOME - WHO WOULD WANT TO GO TO IKEA AFTER A 19 HOUR TRAVEL DAY? I had a brief moment where I thought it was all possible, then decided against it, mainly because I knew I would get scared at night with no blinds. My second ALMOST dumb thing, was unscrewing our bathroom mirror. So Chad and I keep talking about the entryway and how we want to take the outdated mirror in our bathroom off the wall, frame it, then hang it in the entryway along with a beautiful entry way table. So to FORCE the situation to happen sooner rather than later, I thought about unscrewing the humongous mirror myself! So what if we had to live with NO MIRROR IN OUR BATHROOM for a few days? At least it would light a fire under our butts to start the shopping process for an entryway table/bathroom renovation! WHAT ON EARTH GOES THROUGH MY MIND SOMETIMES??!! Hahahahaha - glad neither one of those things happened. Chad would have shot me!

So that's what happened in between coloring books, biking in the backyard, consuming tons of Sprouts muffins, Larabars and Cliff bars, texting the sister morning, noon and night, researching 6 and 4 year old birthday party themes, opening my father-in-law's $15 bottle of wine on night 6 and just overall relaxing! It was cool fool! Now I feel ready to bring on holiday themed everything. Play dates, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Oak Glen - everything! Woo!

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