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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Annoying situation averted!

Shortly after my rant about Harry Potter not being available in any ebook form (except for a new online audio-book-weird-format - contradictory? I think so!), I got a wonderful email from my friend Jordan who informed me that she does in fact possess all seven of the HP books in ebook format. How did she find such treasures? Well, I believe it was achieved through scourging the internet, which to some may seem offensive to good ole Rowling, but to me, I say OPAH!

Now I'm super excited to read all of my HP's (guilty free, due to the struggle that author has put me through!), and will have to put off the book I recently purchased from the Kindle store until a later date (I wasn't even that stoked to start it anyway. I guess HP has grabbed a hold of me!). 

Look! I even dressed up as HP in the good old college Greek Week days (holla to my Alpha Chi ladies).....I guess I was meant to semi-shadily come across the books at some point in my life.........

So, wooohoooo!

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