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Monday, June 27, 2011

I got a chip on my shoulder, see???

You know what? Some things are just annoying. I've actually ran into quite a few annoying things in the last few days, so in order to relieve some perturbed feelings, I'm going to unload:

Annoying matter #1: (Kind of long, but mui importante) Okay, I know I'm a little late on the trend, but I recently decided that I want to read the Harry Potter series from beginning to end. I'm a major sucker for long sagas, and I just think it's only natural to move on to ole Harry. So the other night I signed on to my Kindle store, and guess what? Harry is no where to be found, and neither is J.K. Rowling for that matter. In my head I was thinking, okay, these are worldwide bestsellers, they have to be on here somewhere, but no Potter! 

You want to know why? J.K. Rowling decided that she's against ebooks altogether. She's just completely opposed to them, so none of her writing is available on my Kindle. Here's the really annoying part: she just launched a major online reading experience for all those die-hard Potter fans, where one is required to sign onto the internet and listen to her read the books! Isn't that a form of an ebook! How ridiculous! This isn't the first I've heard of her contradictory ways, that Rowling! She banned soda at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because she's against childhood obesity, but sells BUTTER BEER! I'm pretty sure butter beer makes up for those lost calories, you difficult woman!. Anyway, I'm annoyed.

Annoying matter #2: When the landscape guy is leaf-blowing outside your window while your child sleeps and a plane flies over at the same time. I thought my windows were going to crack because of the increase in decibels. Annoying.

Annoying matter #3: The delicacy of wine glasses. I've broken more than half of the beautiful wine glasses we got for our wedding simply by setting them in the sink and waiting until the next day to clean them. Maybe I should ban Chadly from drinking wine throughout the duration of my pregnancy........Ugh!

Anyway, back to the whole Harry Potter thing, I'm debating even reading the series out of sheer principle. I mean, what a difficult author that woman has proven to be! What to do, what to do........

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