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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The best Sunday-Funday to date

So, the last couple of days have been pretty tough, since my brain has decided to turn on me in such barbaric ways I have been exiled to the couch for several hours at a time. Yes, I've been experiencing a ridiculous amount of migraines lately, thus my major lack in computer-checking-in-on. It's a bummer, but it's what some of us Paplia's have to deal with from time to time! Anyway, on to happier subjects!

Last Sunday was one of the best Funday's of all time. It was full of new experiences, spending time with my man alone, and a lobster cocktail dish which was larger than my entire head. It was fabulous! Here is how the day went:

*First we dropped Carter off with my parentals around 10:30, after which we swung by my sister and brother-in-law's new digs to grab my forgotten sunglasses. Why were my sunglasses such an important part of our day from then on forward?... 

*... because WE WERE GOING CAR SHOPPING! Yep, we drove on down to the Garden Grove Kia dealership (where my thrifty husband knows the general manager), and bought ourselves a 2011 Kia Sorento! It was a wonderful experience, except for the fact that up until that point I had no idea that car shopping literally takes ALL DAY LONG. I literally thought one just walks onto a car lot, test drives a few vehicles, signs some papers and everyone goes about their lives quickly and efficiently. Nope, it definitely was not that way at all. We didn't return to my parent's house until 5:30! 5:30! Isn't that insane?! I was completely beat! Anyway, it was quite a nice reason to be tired :)

*Part deux of our day: celebrating our two year anniversary! So we went on home, got ready for Mastro's in Newport (my parents had given us a gift certificate for that swanky place for Christmas, so we decided it was time to cash it in), and off we went to drop Carter off at Chad's mom's house. We were super excited to drive our hot new wheels all the way to the coast, and even more excited to consume the HUGE lobster cocktail, petite filet and steamed broccoli (mine), as well as Chad's New York Strip with sweet potato fries. Afterwards we splurged on some chocolate covered strawberries, which was fabulous, and then it was time to head home and hit the hay. Basically, it was beyond amazing!

So, all in all, it was a great day, but like I said, has left me reeling with these insane migraines. I've been walking on egg shells all day trying to avoid getting another one, so let's keep our fingers crossed! Ugh, they are awful! My heart goes out to all you migraine-experiencers! Ugh!

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