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Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day!

I have to say that this year's Father's Day was a great success. Not only did Chad love his present, but I finally got to see an expression of surprise on his face once he saw it! This literally has never happened. Every single present-giving occasion which comes up, he always dazzles me with a million awesome presents, and I'm always bashfully handing over to him some stupid little thrown-together lame-o gift (even though he denies this in the interest of not making me feel bad, I know he knows I'm right). 

Anyway, this year I was determined not to fall into my sorry old ways! Here's the masterpiece which was presented to him on that morning of mornings:

Before you think us crass for even considering beer in the morn, let me give you some background on the matter. All those beers are Belgian, and Chad being the beer man that he is, had mentioned quite a few months ago that he really was craving a good old fashion Leffe, which was one of the best beers we tried on our honeymoon. So off I went to fetch him the booty, and I went a little crazy with the other Belgian beers we consumed over there across the pond. Anyway, it's my fault that beautiful bar-globe is filled with beers so early in the morning (but I have to say, he was quite surprised and pleased). Anyway, Chadly also had mentioned a few months ago, (after seeing Inglorious Bastards), that he would much appreciate a globe which doubled as a bar, totally James Bond style. So that's what I got him! The other goods:

*A card from me and another adorable one from Carter
*A frame with a picture of Chad and Carter matted by a finger painting the little one did for him
*2 tickets to "X-Men: First Class" for that night at 8:40
*2 tickets to the Laugh Factory Hollywood

Other things we did that day included brunch with the Cisneros's, then dinner with the Paplia's. It was quite a fun day, and I'm glad I finally accomplished a surprise gift for my man (and the best daddy ever!).

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