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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Time for some photos

It's high time for some pictures! Woohooo! 

So basically I only have my iPhone to take pics and videos on, since my stupid camera is now lifeless. (Next camera we purchase is going to be a badass one. Never again will I buy those dinky little "point-and-shoots" - although I did appreciate the last one my hubby got me, they just don't last long, no matter how well you take care of them!). Anyway, I've actually really enjoyed using my trusty iPhone for a few reasons: a) it's always with me, b) even though the pictures are not the best quality, they come out pretty darn good for a camera phone, and c) I really like how easy it is to take a video! It's pretty awesome, if you ask me!

Anyway, here's another pee-cture:
On Friday morning I watched my friend Meghan's son, Drake! The two boys played perfectly together, but let me tell you, watching two boys is completely different than watching a boy and a girl. First of all, the two of them were super competitive with each other! Each boy wanted to sit RIGHT next to me, and scooted closer if one felt that the other was creepin' in! Secondly, the amount of eating that goes on with boys is just insane. When I babysit my niece, it's a few snacks here, maybe a sippy-cup there, but with men-folk, it's meal time at ALL TIMES! It was actually pretty funny, but man-o-man, I feel for mommy's of just boys!

We got Carter some Toy Story bubble bath! He LOVES IT! Nowadays he just jumps in the bath and starts kicking his legs until there are tidal waves of bubbles spilling over the side of the bathtub. It's pretty hilarious, even though I get soaked each time and beg for him to keep the kicking to a minimum!

Meet Carter-the-Tin-Man! Right before we traded in my beautiful teenage car, we cleaned out the trunk and found this massive funnel. Well, in order to conjure up some giggles, I repeatedly put it on my head like I was wearing a hat, and then one day I came over to the couch and found this! He was just sitting there with the funnel on top of his head while watching "Cars!" It was so hilarious, I was praying he wouldn't take it off before I could open my camera! Hilarious!

...And here's my favorite. I, of course, had a headache, so we were cuddling on the couch :)

Oh man, he is a doll <3

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  1. ah i am SO excited to come see you guys! carter is so big and so dang cute!!! sorry about your head aches. that's the worst cause only motrin works for my head ache and you can't take that. ah. love you!


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