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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bambino Number Two, Baby!

Yep, we are expecting once again!

And a-can I get a wooooooo?

The happy day has come where I can now announce the good news to the world! Because of this happy fact, I will announce it in every form I know:

* We are pregnant.
* We have a bun in the oven.
* I am with child. (Kind of weird, but accurate!)
* Carter is about to be a big brother. (Ahhhhhhhhh! Can you believe that!)
* We are producing another offspring. (I don't know how I feel about that one)
* Sto avendo un bambino. ("I'm having a baby" in Italian)

Okay, I'm out. 

Well, to say the least, we are super excited for child-numero-dos. Let me give you some background on the matter: 
Well, both Chadly and I have siblings who are between 20 and 21 months younger than us, and we absolutely loved it growing up. So in order to keep with our lifelong goals of having our first two back-to-back in the spirit of companionship for the two, we decided it was time to get back in the saddle. So, for a few months we weren't exactly trying, but weren't preventing, (which I guess you could say is trying), and after a few months of that we got down to business in the ole' "let's have a baby" department.
Anyway, shortly afterwards, (actually, it was the day before Mother's Day), my dad asked me if I was pregnant. Of course, by that point I was sick of wondering of whether or not I was pregnant, so I muttered  something along the lines of, "probably not, but maybe." 
Despite my cynical response, I started to get super excited. The next day I took a pregnancy test, on Mother's Day, let me remind you, and it came out POSITIVE! WOO! ...And since I have such little faith in those stupid "plus" sign tests, I drove myself down to the store and bought one of those digital ones where it tells all us women-walking-on-eggshells if we're either "pregnant" or "not pregnant" in black and white. Well, that obviously came out "pregnant," and we have been rejoicing ever since!

Actually, "rejoicing" does not fully describe the experience. I have actually had a really hard time the last few weeks, unlike my pregnancy with Carter. The headaches are endless, and the migraines are killer, but I just have to keep reminding myself that this, too, shall pass, and it's all worth it!

Here are some statistics:
* The babe's due date is January 7th, just two weeks after Carter's second birthday!
* We will be having him at St. Jude in Fullerton, where we had Carter
* I am 12 weeks pregnant as of today!
* Carter whispers "baby" on a daily basis. It's so adorable!

Anyway, I hope you're as excited as we are about the news!


  1. yay yay yay for baby number 2!!! i am so excited for you!! maybe since this pregnancy is so different it means you're having a girl!!! hahah I LOVE YOU!! :)

  2. Congratulations to you and your growing family!

  3. Congratulations guys!! That's so wonderful!


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